Today was National Dog Day.

 How y'all mofos been, ya ol' mofos?
 Me? I'm coolio. I might have the most boring life ever though. That is a possibility.
Here's a crazy long lilac lariat which I'll list as soon as I measure and ... ugh.... describe every damn bead that's in there? My descriptions have been getting shorter and shorter. Especially considering how I myself don't even read descriptions half the time. I wanna just write, "Just look at it, it's all good stuff in there."

Berceuse- a lullaby. 
So guess whatsicles? It's been a year since I joined the gym.Acatalepsy.  Judeochristian earrings with gemstones in red.
Acatalepsy- the unknowableness of all things to a certainty. 
I feel a bajillion times better though it hasn't been the be-all-end-all of anything. I'm sure I'd be so much worse without it.
Hierophant. Rustic cosmic earrings with tribal rainbow titanium crystal quartz points.
Hierophant- a person, especially a priest in ancient Greece, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles.
 Plus now I feel all sculpted. Like, my belly still pudges out and my ass is still too flat and my upper arms flap, but all in a much shapelier way.
Nourishment. Rustic assemblage earrings with forks and iolite.Nourishment. 
I was just admiring my shoulders in the mirror. They're no bigger or smaller than before, just shapelier somehow.
Eunoia. Rustic chandelier victorian tribal earrings in earthy brown.
Eunoia is the shortest English word containing all five vowels. It comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning “well mind” or “beautiful thinking".
Thank you guys for your comments it always makes my day.
Alimento Mori. Rustic assemblage earrings with skulls, neutral grey and ivory cream.
Alimento Mori- n. the insomnia-borne jolt of awareness that you will die.
-The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

scissor pirate asked "What are those small round earring lever backs?" They're just small round earring leaverbacks. Found on etsy cuz i just wade through miles of shops till I come upon a prize. Search "round brass lever backs."
Wild/Free. Horsehair shoulder duster earrings.
Oh AND my old printer is refusing to play nice with my new 'puter. AAAAUUURRRGGHGHHHH!!!
I mentioned in the post before last that I had to drill those cute 70s folk beads and I got a set of drills and half already broke and darlene said, "Wow! So sad to hear about the breakage. You would think they would've stayed intact under water. So, so sorry for your loss." Yeah, no. It's the drill bits that broke! The ceramic beads were fine, though your concern is very sweet.
Also nah, no underwater for me. I'm really rough on my supplies and tools, I'm just not patient enough to do things the "right" way I guess. But I rather I break things before they sell and the buyer ends up breaking them. Is how I justify it. 
Also Rachel of MintMonarch sent me these lovely leather feathers to make something with. There will be a blog hop coming up in September, yay. 
Now where was I? I yes today I think we'll do mixed aminal gifs.gifs,hamsters,funny,rabbits
Video Boy animated GIFVideo Boy animated GIFexcited animated GIF Animals Fail animated GIF
I'm having trouble remembering what gifs I have and haven't shared yet.
Animals Bunny animated GIF
I'm gonna be a doddering old fool going, like, "Have you seen that show Sinefeld? Gosh that's a great show!" Like my dad constantly quoting tango lyrics to me.
 Cat Cat animated GIF


13 said...

Loving the long lariat. I must admit the listing does my head in. Some days I just want to put "You know you want it, just make it easy on yourself and hand over the money." Love those broken chins earrings too.

RomAntiqueSoul said...

Love those horse hair earrings, they're neat! Where did you get horse hair though?!
I'm still on month 2 at the gym, so not much change for me...I hope something happens in a year, or so, I don't know if I care...I just wanna feel better...I guess the older you get, the more you just want the energy, that's what it comes down to for me anyways...

Juliette Williams said...

Just got some horse hair myself, am going to make a horse hair and porcupine quill necklace, I think. :) Congrats on your gym anniversary!! As for the gifs, they all make me laugh so it doesn't matter if you've posted them over or not (I think these are all new). xoxo Juliette

Anvil Artifacts said...

Happy anniversary to you, to you 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶. Great makings, as always. Especially liking the china shard earrings.

Skye said...

So what did you make with the broken drill bits? Come on... anyone else, the beads would've broke... but Fate gifted you with bits of drill bits to play with... so PLAY WITH... just.. careful of sharp ends >.< lol

Mathi Bear said...

Really love the skull earrings. Have you seen how some people use warm-water moldable plastic to hold the component steady and hold water at the same time so you can drill it under water? I saved it in my to-try list. Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDMP-qsZGQ0&ab_channel=RioGrande