Sneak Peek

Well, I have things to show but it's been dark and stormy these last couple days so the photo situation isn't fantastic for those of us who like to start our workdays at 3pm. 

So since I have to go out of town to be an aunt this weekend, I thought I'd leave you with little snippets, sneak peeks, as they say, if I may, as it were (...wow all those phrases mean the same thing and sound similar).

You know, it's very strange for me to see all these details crammed together like this. 

It shows me that in its own grungy way, my stuff is quite colorful, full of little faces and characters.

Even the non-anthropomorphic items seem to me to be little characters and have faces of a sort.

And as much as I'd like to be serious and masculine, there's all kinds of cute girly details.

But it's also very fun, so screw serious. I'm like the least serious person I know.

Also check out this craft I'm going to do with my niece and her two sleepover guests:

(Except where she says to put the caps on, if you do that, the bottles will explode. Ahem.)


Juliette Williams said...

I love your sneak peeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So lovely and colorful. And finally, someone like me who starts work in the afternoon :D Why on earth did I think I was abnormal? I knew I wasn't the only one.

Okay - what is in the bottles - are they like homemade snowglobes? Love them!!


TheEuropeanMarina said...

Duality and synthesis, the masculine looks funky next to the girly details you incorporated in all the beauties! Great artwork again Fanciful!

Louise said...

I want everything.

Anonymous said...

Ahem...another 'late starter' here....that's why my show&tell photos are never best quality. ....
Here's to looong mornings!

Lina said...

You are so CREATIVE...I really like your BLOG.
Keep up the fantastic work!