Sopvhronize. Salvaged tin hinged cuff.
Sopvhronize- v, 1827 -1827, to imbue with sound moral principles
How does anyone ever take a decent picture of a bracelet? How.
Nubivagant. Escutcheon bracelet with Roman glass. 
Nubivagant- adj, 1656 -1656, moving among clouds
Like look at this mess. It's not a mess in real life.

Real life is a bore though. Well, a bore to report on. Sitting making all day, going to the gym.
Iridian. Colorful rustic assemblage keyhole bracelet. 
Iridian- having or suggestive of the colours of a rainbow
From the inside, however, it's lovely.
Commendaces. Black stitched textile bracelet with antique nailheads. Commendaces- npl, 1611 -1658, funeral orations; prayers for the dead
You know, part of me wants to buy some metal stamping supplies so I can use all these lovely words I've collected in the actual jewelry. But I'd want to do it without it being cutesy.
Habromania. Green and pink assemblage pendant or brooch.
Habromania- insanity featuring cheerful delusions
I also want to do a million other things so proly the last thing I need is to spend $$ on a bunch of new tools.
Nephefliad. Rustic bird brooch or pendant. 
Nephefliad- n, 1818 -1821, cloud-nymph
Isn't that always the case though? I want to do a bit of everything. I do do a bit of everything, without delving too deep into any one technique. I guess I want a bit more.
Heinrich. Rustic assemblage brooch or pendant.  
Heinrich. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Swiss social reformer and educator, known as the Father of Modern Education.
Like you see artists that are all about wire wrapping, or polymer or soldered tin or or or..... I keep it simple when I do any of these techniques, and blend them together... Some people get so into one technique its like... "Hey isn't it cool that I can make this out of polymer" without realizing that if you don't know the medium or care, aren't considering buying the tutorial the result of the technique isn't that fantastic. Maybe that's just the case with polymer clay.
Cosmogyral. Rustic assemblage brooch or pendant with Ethiopian opal. 
Cosmogyral- adj, 1808 -1808, whirling round the universe
One time an art friend said she wanted to see me make more things from scratch instead of just assemblage all the time. And that stayed with me, worrying at me.
Interlunation. Rustic assemblage brooch or pendant with Roman glass archeological find.Interlunation- dark time between old moon and new
No matter what I make, it's always in response to the materials I've collected. That is to say, it's never from scratch like traditional art jewelry.
Ellipsism. Warm rustic asymmetrical earrings. 
Ellipsism- n. sadness that you’ll never be able to know how history will turn out
From The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

So silly to let something like this nag at me, I mean, I know all art that is sincere is legit...
Holtobenthic. Chunky, graduated blue earrings.Holtobenthic- passing entire life in the deep ocean
If anything the fact that this is non-traditional makes it more art.... or something,
Chrysalism. Blue earrings with polymer florals. 
Chrysalism- n. the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm.From The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
Something in the ol' subconscious telling me otherwise. Screw you, subconscious.Perantique. Blue tin cone earrings. 
Perantique- adj, 1883 -1883, very antique or ancient
Anyways, I switched out the beads I had on these cone earrings (my polies) which I'd just put there because they were literally within reach and that's no way to art.
Hesychastic. Cast pewter lariat.
Hesychastic - keeping silence; soothing or quieting
I decided to use both of these cast guys I made together, lariat style.

Later today I'll list the following. Eternitarian- n, 1746 -1746 one who believes in the eternity of the soul
So like, I don't think I believe in the eternity of the soul but still I find the word for someone who does to be pure poetry. Why is that?
 Another of my caged babies.
 Oh I made a bunch of simple lariats. (Check out that mop piece I drilled to make a toggle!)
Lately I'm all about simple.
I'm all about the herpes simplex virus.
And I burnt through my soldering iron! It couldn't stand the profundity of my art.

So I bought another. In the listing it looked small and perfect for joolz but when it arrived it was fat as fuck. Yup, as fat as fuck is. So now Imma buy another!

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autena said...

Your work astounds me. I am one of those fans lurking in the background, but I just had to say that you should never worry that your pieces are not art--they are indeed. Your techniques and designs, the way you put things together in a one-of-a-kind way amaze and inspire me. Keep creating and evolving, doing what you so obviously love.

Anvil Artifacts said...

You're in high gear with your fantastic creating. Wonderful new goodies! Drooling over your bracelets as I always do. Yes, indeed-they are hard to photograph but you've done a beautiful job. Great post!

Surat WholesaleShop said...

Nice fun on last area..We like this post so much.

Thanks for sharing this post.


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Emmanuelle Roué said...

Drooling too. As usual. You should maybe put some kind of disclaimer at the top of every post, like "Drooling hazard - I can't be held liable in case of puddles". lol
Love those art pieces as usual, the bracelets are to die for. My credit card may die.
I tried emailing you from etsy the other day, wrote a long long piece about I can't remember what now and I think it crashed just before it got sent. grrr.

I'll write again very soon. Love from rainy, grey Brittany.

Beatnheart said...

i hope you never make anything from scratch...
the way you said it "worrying at you"... kinda broke my heart a little bit.
goes to show how words coming from someone else can have such a deep effect...

love the animals...all those bears in the background