So much stuff.

I know it's been a while and yeah I first was being totally inactive but then I had a week-long out-of-town wedding. It was in Connecticut and you haven't lived until you've listened in while my parents try to figure out how to pronounce Connecticut.
Mom: Coneddy cat?
Dad: No Matilde, it's CONNECT, co-NECT-ee-cat.
Me: Yeah Dad, connect-the-dots, sure.
The wedding was amazing actually but damn that's a lot of socializing. Above, carnelian and antique coral branches.
Sterling studs from Inheritance haul, one of which I soldered a loop on to. The ovals I sewed some super antique lace on steel frames. I had to do a bunch of whatchamacallit... darning! Which I just made up as I went along. It doesn't even seem like a real possible thing until suddenly a bit of sloppy textile is forming under your needle. After, I added a polyurethane coating.
Oh and after the wedding we had another week (ok, 4 days but it felt like a month) of sister/niece/nephew/dog visit. Oh boy. 
 Ok, look at this maddness. Real druzy AND fake druzy in the same pair! And if you look closely at the fakes, one is white and one is translucent.
Stacked graduated semi-asymmetrix with my decoupaged polybabies.
I even made these but I'm not photographing them properly until I take out those ugly knots and solder the rings shut instead.
As for necklaces, here's one I forgot to blog last time.  Mom wanted to buy it for herself for the wedding since her dress was blue. So she wore it all day to test it out and said it was the first time she'd ever received random compliments on jewelry. As we were getting home I said you know someone might have bought it. Snooze = Loose, etc. Sure enough, someone had. 
She survived the wedding without matchy jewelry.
This batch includes a bunch of chunky short neck candy. I have this mannequin pic at an angle so you can see the dimension. (Don't worry Sparrow, there's another one head-on for the listing.) I painted that textile cord with washes of black acrylic to darken it and tone it down. 
Look at this cute and simple copper baby. The pot was a gift from... Tribalis? The big ol' smokey pink stone was this last little mini haul from and etsybud. God I get a lot of gifts. I've said that many times. I should just abbreviate: GIGaloG.  
Like this hindi piece from Inheritance haul and giant labradorite from Patroness. GIGaloG!  
I acquired almost all these bits myself! Horse brass with elephant, a bunch of honey and orange things...  Oh, so I follow quisnam on Instagram and she's been using horse brasses and it inspired me to poke around for some. I found this etsy shop that had a bunch of mini ones for cheap! So I ordered them all. Now, I don't feel bad "stealing" this idea from quisnam since I made several horse brass necklaces back in the day so. And I'm gonna mail her one I think, as thanks for the inspiration.
Is this cool or just the hottest of messes? Maybe if I made that one ring smaller... Should I list it or smallen the ring? Anyone?

Oh so when the cobalt choker got bought I made this for mom but she didn't like it. Because she's nuts.  Round stone from Teapotsandtelephones (who has a new paper shop!) crystal pendant from Inheritance haul and even cobalt vintage Italian glass from recent etsybud haul. GIGaloG!
OK, I'll stop just listing sources.

This one is all about graduated circles. On either side, a double chain, one of either being a length of double-hole seed beads.

I completed this bracelet to my satisfaction, tightening the findings at the end.
 I'm trying out an inward-facing bracelet hook and it's actually easier to close and more secure. Who knew.
I also finished this one with more tiny dangles along an extender chain and the citrine briolette at the tip of the focal exchanged for more danglies. Simplified and made more harmonious.
Here's a double wrap full of amber honey oranges and warm light. An oval of resined paper taken from an old art book riveted on to a scrap of tin, even my first bit of macrame using leather.
It is hot as ball sweat in Chicago. I'm telling you. Look at this lovely bracelet. It doesn't deserve to be next to a mention of ball sweat but that's life.

I even have a set of Chinese ink painting connector polies. Maybe this is too big for a set. Maybe I'll split it into two and give peeps the option like so:
Awww yeah problem solved.
Here I am looking up at a meerkat in a aquarium we went to while in Connecticut. What were meerkats doing in an aquarium?
Idk but I had to go clothes shopping for the first time in decades for the wedding and you know you're old when you're walking around stores all baffled going, "This is what people put on their limbs and torsos now? But...?"

So while there, Dad and I were fighting- him saying how this one beach was awesome me saying the sand was all sharp stones (turns out we were in different ends of the beach but). He starts making this mocking whiny face like I'm a big wussy and I go "Dad stop being a dick." And we keep arguing like that cuz that's all we do. I didn't hear his direct response cuz I was too busy arguing but after my friend, between laughter tears, says that he answered, "You brought the dicks!" Like, I started it cuz I was dissing this great beach. 
But lets review:
Me: Dad, stop being a dick.
Dad: You brought the dicks!
So of course for the rest of the trip, every time someone was being whiny/complaining/ arguing I had to say, "Don't bring the dicks!" Needless to say I had may opportunities to use the phrase and Mom wasn't pleased.

The following triptych is a bunny tasting a cactus plant for the first time:
Here's me and Mr. Devices. He won't let me put up pix of him so shhh!


InLumina said...

Your awesome sauceness (that's your new nickname, it's my hubby's fault, he says that phrase all the time), I love all the sparklies.,especially those first leafy ones and the druzy beauties.... good job! Also like that labradorite necklace with the deity...whomma kiddin...I love everything! you baffle me lady! Your dad is hilarious! I think I peed a little laughin. I feel ya on socializing overload, I did that a couple of weeks ago,now I'm back in my little hole making thingies. I concur with Mr. Devices, I hate pictures, but it's nice to see you guys in one :)

InLumina said...

* correction - I hate when peeps take pics of me, but I love looking at other peeps pics...How's that for hypocrisy...

Cynthia and Co. said...

So, I have a question...you've sold nearly 5000 items on Etsy alone. Does that mean you have come up with 5000 titles for each item or do you sometimes re-use names? That must be daunting in itself...just to name each piece of jewelry. Lovely new creations (as usual).

Quisnam Jewelry said...

Since you've been inspiring me for years it's only fair to return the favour. I am utterly smitten with your work and love the necklace. I'm still obsessing over these horse brasses. Hoping together we can start a trend.

Willow Studio said...

Smallen the ring on that one. Then it will be perfection.

Penelope said...

I actually physically LOL'ed when you said 'it's ok sparrow' because my brain flinched at the visible background. It's like regular people seeing bra straps - it doesn't even matter but still I'm like ARG RULES

I agree with smallening the ring. It might help to take the heart off too? IDK it's the same size as the round bit... unless you add a third same-size or what I don't know it's your fuckn jewerly ok. Don't bring the dicks.

I am hearting hard over those mis-matched studs and the teeeeny moonstone beads on the end omg.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't "smallen" the ring. I would encircle the top druzy-ish piece with a larger wire ring to frame it, leaving a bit of space between the two.

Unknown said...

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