OMFG it's a new tutorial!

I thought the day would never come guys. Guys! I'm so freakin' exited to share my new freakin' tutorial:
It's called Rustic Resin. Hoooo boy we got alliteration in the title I'm gonna pee my pants!
Here's some pages from this FORTY-TWO PAGE MOTHERFUDGER to prove that I'm not lying.

As it says in the listing description this bad boy has 254 photographic images to be found within for your visual perusal and if there's 254 photos in it you know I had to take and edit three times that many. And OK, no, not edit but still.
And here's some of what we'll make:

And you can follow this tute even if you've never ever resined in your entire stupid life!

When I say 'stupid' of course you know I love you very much, but I'm excited here so why you gotta make it all about you, hu?

Now you might expect to pay ten thousand dollars for 42 pages with 254 photos and lots of words connection them all logically and nary a typo in sight (thank you Sparrow)  but for a short time you can have all this for just one easy installment of only TWENTY THREE DOLLARS.
Act now and you'll even get the knowledge that somewhere far, far away I'm squeeing in delight with every sale I make.
OK that's not very good. How about a coupon for %15 off the cover price because you bother to come visit me on my blog even now that blogs are no longer what the cool kids do? Enter code FIFTEEN and you'll get the dang thing for less than an Andrew Jackson! For non-Americans that's a $20 bill so since you don't have those available in your country you'll have to draw me a picture of Andrew Jackson. But not now that you have the code! What?

(If you don't enter the code in Apply Coupon Code before checkout I cannot give you the refund afterwards. I mean, come on. Have some self-respect.)

This offer is only available for the next 24 hours though. Cuz I said so! Maybe I'll offer another similar code on Instagram later though. Cuz that IS what the cool kids do and I have to reward my followers there for being so cool.
What else?
Oh I got the most amazing package from SnalFriendsPost. It's TeapotsandTelephone's new paper shop and no my package was not so amazing because she's a friend, this is what you actually get from the shop for tiny money!

Which speaking of tiny- look at this mini ephemera kit she sells. It's all authentic and old and amazing. I want to just stick it all on to a canvas and frame it and hang it up to admire. That lamb garland was less than two bucks and it's ten feet long! Look at the labels! And the smiling tape!
No seriously. These are actual photographs and real vintage labels. No idea what Imma do with these but I just couldn't resist.
I also got a tin of these seals she makes herself. They're too much. These I'll use in packages.

So anyways go buy the damn tute, I put my blood sweat and ... no tears but there was sweat one day when the sun was shining straight on me and I was too focused to move. And I cut myself really bad once in the kitchen when I was trying to quickly return to the tute. And there have been tears, like a while ago with my Frankenboob when I was feeling so bad I actually didn't mind the idea of dying.  So yeah I poured my goddamn blood sweat and tears into this! Not poured but there were bodily excretions in relation to this, how about that? Like once I shat myself while -- Kidding! I haven't shat myself since last month!
Jeez I just realized I've never shat myself since being potty trained. If that isn't eulogy-worthy right there, idk. And here I thought I'd rarely accomplished anything.
Just re-reading this spastic blog post has me exhausted.


Thoughtfulhands said...

I can't wait to watch I am going straight over to purchase. I love your tutorials and thanks so much for the discount.

fancylinda said...

Congrats on the new tutorial! It looks great, and I will definitely be purchasing, as I have never resined anything in my whole stupid life. And thanks for selflessly promoting my wares in the middle of all your tute happiness too! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new tutorial Marina! I have everything else you have written and I will surely get this too, so inspiring! Even If I never make any thing out of it, the photos, omg, the beauty and the colors...Totally worth it for all the awesomeness! Wishing you the best, I'm sure it will be much loved!
The European Marina.xx