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Trying to pretend the debates aren't going on right now so I don't have a panic attack.Saffron Trader.
Here's something different! Chunky choker for those of you who're getting sick of the resin.
And another one.

Both of these backed by that awesome cloth-covered electrical cord used for lamps.
Blue Necklace Inspiration Kit. Rustic resin bezel, mix lot assortment.
Blue Necklace Inspiration Kit.
Also felt like putting together some kits. I love a cute craft kit, I've always been a bit obsessed with them.
Blue Earring Inspiration Kit. Rustic resin shrines, mix lot assortment.
Blue Earring Inspiration Kit.
Often, I like the kit more than whatever you might make with it.

What's up with me and orange lately? I'm all about orange. Sure, it's my murky dusty orange but I never thought of myself as an orange person.

I've been wearing my bullion things and so far so good.

Here's some more orange. Haven't listed these quite yet.

You guys, I'm doing so good at the gym lately! Over the last two years I've been going I can remember so many times thinking, "When is this no longer going to hurt? When won't this be impossibly hard and exhausting?" And guess what? Now is when.

On the minus side I've been going to sleep at 7am and waking up at 4pm everyday. I don't even understand it. I'm going to start going to the earlier gym classes though to see if that helps. (If I can wake up in time for them.)

I've also been making a crap-load of polybabies lately.

This isn't even all of it.

These drops have a transfer on them that looks a bit like abalone. I think it looks better on the black than the grey clay.

Bracelet connectors that can be thin because inside they're strengthened by steel screen. Like, screen door repair mesh. 
Did some more crackle which I didn't love as much as my last crackle but I'm not done with it yet.
Here's some pix from my instagram:

In this case, I didn't put the color layer (made with translucent clay and alcohol ink) on top of a white layer, but rather went right in with another translucent and then I shmeared chalk pastels all over... but yeah I was able to somewhat counteract the muddy with some gold in the crevices.

Out of sheer curiosity I bought a bacon bead roller. Below you can see where I made some then cut facets out of the edge. I don't think I was born to create consistently-shaped beads though.
The faceted ones below I think Ive now painted shimmery purple?

Also made some very small nail decal connectors.

Some of them, the crackle keeps you from seeing clearly what the design even is. I think I'll take a pic of the pairs together and do one of those listings where you choose the set you want.

I got a surprise bunch of goodies in the mail from SacredCake! You can't see a thing in these pix. How are iPhone cameras so good but iPad cameras so bad? This is even after I edited in the photoshop app to get it not to look horrible. Sheesh.

Bingo is doing very well with the prednizone. Now he'll only eat ground beef. He even rejects it if we put a little oatmeal in there to soak up the juices.

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fancylinda said...

I love your use of the bead capped pom pom in the top necklace. So fantastic! And the new polybabies are really nice, especially the flat sliced rondelles. Those are magnificent! I've never seen anything like them.

autena said...

Love that first necklace, wow! And the resin pendant is fascinating. May have to purchase your tutorial on that.

Jennifer Valentine said...

Loving that orange!!!
Gorgeous beads too, lovey!

Pure Impressions Design said...

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