Retiring the Blog

I'm so sorry you guys! I love you but I can't force myself to do things even if I want to, and the last few entries on this here ol' blerg were me forcing myself. I mean. You can have almost all the same stuff if you go to my Instagram or my Facebook. I'm going to start trying to be better about actually going to Facebook and replying to comments and stuff. Cuz I love comments so why wouldn't I? (Why do I have a Facebook phobia? I think it's cuz I feel like someone's going to force me to go to a school reunion while I'm there and I get all embarrassed when confronted with people from my past for some reason?)

Like all these pictures are recent posts of mine. Here's my most recent shop update pix.

And lookit all these goodies I got on my recent Uruguay trip!

There's tons of this stuff I haven't even posted it all yet.

And I babble about PMS and everything.

Also sometimes cute family pix or video from my time in Uruguay:

And if you wanna see what I think is funny plus cute animals with a bit of sjw stuff sprinkled in, follow my Tumblr. Examples:

Or whatever this is:

Also lots of memes popular among folks much younger than I who'd probably tell me to butt out of their young-people fun.

“ pinkdryad:
“Context: Sims … 3? hat mod. Wear a bathtub as a hat. you can put a person in the bathtub because its still technically a bathtub. and then give them a hat.
tf2 in like three years
The sims this year"Context: Sims 3 hat mod. Wear a bathtub as a hat. you can put a person in the bathtub because its still technically a bathtub. and then give them a hat."

See? GOLD.
So I'm not leaving I'm just going to be at a different URL. See you there!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making the decision to confront your weariness of blogging and move to a format that suits you better. Instagram posts are so much fun and feel fresh and in-the-moment, allowing you to share some awesome pictures and descriptions. You sound happy there, and that is a good thing.
Thank you so much for all that you've given to your faithful followers via this blog, and don't look back! ;)

_sirene said...

Will miss your funny commentary!!

_sirene said...

This is amirah!

MOSES said...


rushmypapers said...

I wil really miss your blogs as they are always good. I can understand that now they are so many ways to update your pictures and updates. Still, I will miss your blog and i know it

inlumina said...

I'll miss your blogs, but Insta is great as well...and WTF?! The bathtub stacking...mwahhhh! I'm dying! 😂

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