Before I Go

Apparently, I simply can't stop. Not even 2 days before I leave the continent.
My new realization is that I'd been having a knee jerk reaction against pretty-ness.  And recently, I had some pretty items sell.  So I decided, what's so wrong about pearls, rhinestones and lace, anyways?
Since I'm such a grungy grunger, these pieces still have an interesting dark edge, though, no?

I could make a ton more earrings.  They're easy and can be very rewarding. But I get all wrapped up w/my bigger inspirations, mostly necklaces.
I've had these soldered together crystals forever.  From an old chandelier a work friend gave me in a big duffle bag out of the blue.  Score. I finally added some text behind the glass and connected then to the hooks w/tiny rhinestone pins.  

And some scans.
Here's another "pretty"- a flower, millinery, rhinestone girl-a-thon.  And yet, I don't mind it. I also have my latest glovette.  Whites! Dirty whites, my latest mini obsession.  Layers of paper-thin linens, cottons embroideries and appliques.

These little dangles are from some ancient millinery Sparrow sent me- so simple and pretty!  Also a big ol' honkin' cuff.  Sparrow sent me the mini bulb, the strip of snakeskin, the doilies and gold embroidered trim.  The scan makes no sense.  In real life it's really rich, w/lots of depth.  Soon enough, real pictures.

Other side of glove.
OK, I see very white and very dark items lose lots of detail in the scan.
But I have no time to take real pictures.  I'm running around like a madlady.
I'm trying to prepare lesson plans for my 2 weeks in Uruguay.  I've managed to get a flat tire (mom's car) and not notice until the tire was in bits. I almost poisoned myself using a very toxic cleaner in the tub only meant for the toiled bowl.  The melting sponge and burning flesh should've tipped me off.  The searing lung pain and dizziness, too.  Ended up sleeping at mom's, all my windows open to the snow to try to air out the fumes.  And I keep getting collection agency letters for something I paid.  I feel like I don't know where the next blow is coming from.  And folks will be angry at me for my carelessness, but I have no way of knowing what I'm being careless about til after whatever it is happens.
Oh, I also told my class there's no school tomorrow, Wednesday.  Um, guess what?  There is.  I thought, since there was a big field trip planned....  Then my boss... and I'm all like...  and but then it's all...


Little Brown Sparrow said...

The cuff! The cuff!!! Oh my GOD. How is it that I can send you all these bits like mine, and you make this amaaaaaazing cuff that's just like something I've always wanted to make..? Your constant awesome keeps me striving for more.

The snakeskin is from an Edwardian purse...the dangly earring things are from a 1930s bridal bouquet I found in the thrift. I think the bride who's it was would be please to see them re-used.

fanciful devices said...

oh, you silly thing! did you like my comment on your blog where I took credit for you awesomeness? did you see how many comments that post of yours got? i'm so jealous.

Jennifer Valentine said...

OMG you've done it again.....