Dry Spell So Over

This always happens.  I go through a dry spell in my shop during which no one buys anything and I become convinced the items I have in my shop are all crap.  During this time, I re-list a ton and nothing.  THEN, I post up a bunch of new things, and suddenly my shop is buzzing with activity.  And not just folks buying those newly posted items, not at all.  Half or more of those sales are of older items no one looked twice at before those new posts.
So weird.
So among my sudden buys is Deep Hymns of Necromancies:

Which must be one of my favorite pieces ever, and the most expensive thing I've listed!  
I know it's crude to speak of it that way... but for me it's significant.  It's significant mostly in the amount of new supplies that'll get me, as well as rent and all that boring stuff.

I'm preparing for a trip to Uruguay, the country where I'm from.  I'm so psyched for all the treasures I'm gonna stockpile!!!  I go into a panic just thinking about it.


Feria de Tristan Narvaja, the once weekly market where anything you can imagine is sold.  And in a country where people throw NOTHING away, not even bottles and cans, this means glorious grungy old bits!


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