So many things, so little desire to photograph them...

They say you should never, never include sub-par images on your blog.  That is, if you want followers and all.  You know when I start like that it's because I'm about to ignore that advice.
I made a bunch of stuff and wanted to post them at least here, but haven't yet had time to take good pictures.  So I tried scanning.  All I can say is scanning sucks ass.  It really makes this stuff look unappealing.  So check out these crappy images.

And I keep getting requests for these vials and pencil earrings.

And also, I've realized that I never wear jewelry myself.  Considering I make so much, I didn't think that was right.  But I need something I can wear to work without distracting or confusing my poor students.  So I picked my favorite color combo for a necklace that will wind around a million times.  So easy and cute.

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