Birthday Windfall Giveaway!- (now closed)

Today is my birthday- I'm 39!
I received these two giant boxes in the mail- here's Bingo checking them out.

Soon my house was taken over with their contents.

And what contents they were!

Here's some stampings I'm trying out layere over a bakelite game chip and a giant mop thingy.

Who sent this inconceivable bounty? Kathy of FrenchSentiments. She is moving, so she just wanted to destash. Clearly, she's also lost her mind.

Crazy little dude, tin plates.

This ostrich is huge and hilarious and awesome.

Oh did I mention I didn't sleep because I was so excited so my lighting is insane so oh well. Deal with it!


OK, can you see beyond the blur?

To the greatness?

Also I did manage to edit out the fluorescent yellow glow my camera so generously captured.

Even my family members had to be shown the madness.

Then I had to try and get them to understand how old and awesome everything was.

They were like "But why did she just give you all this?"

And I just sat there going 
 But you know, in a frantically happy way.

White miniscule figurines!

Teeeny cookie cutters. Seem to have been soldered though I'm thinking just a hole punch will do.

Fuzzy lambs already linked to be necklace-ified.

Ok, that non-assuming round is a retractable tape measure with etched metal tape!

This blurry mess is the packages of beads I'm making to hand out among y'all.

First 7 to convo me with their address get a priority box full. You have to pay shipping and if you're overseas that might be a lot!

But so you know, it will NOT have any of this gloriousness.

Or this. Sorry. Not that generous.

The wooden game pieces you see here that I'm layering tiny stampings on yes. The tiny stampings no.

No carved rose tourmaline.

Or flashy labradorite faceted nuggets. Sorry.

Or tin toys!

Maybe a bottle. Not the fancy one.

But mostly just beads, is what I'm saying.

Cuz among all these one-of-a-kinds she also sent strands and strands and boxes and boxes of beads.

I guess I'm just showing y'all what you won't be getting. Hm.
I just realized I won't have to go shopping for a year at least.

Oh, here's a peek at some beads!
Here's this. 

And on the inside this.

So I turn it around and.
So now look! 
And this was the only thing that hubs was like, "That could be valuable!" Cuz it looks like something they might find on American Pickers. I'm slamming my head on the table repeatedly meanwhile going, "Not any more valuable than any of this!!!!" Proly less than a lot of it.

 Poor hubs. He doesn't know.

Long story short, best b-day gift of my life from someone who had no idea it was by b-day.

So I'm frothing at the mouth trying to convo her while freaking out and guess what she said?

"Oh I'm so glad you weren't disappointed."


I can't even.

Here's some of the bead trays I mentioned.

So this IS what I'm going to be sharing.

But everyone will also get a couple of special things as well.

Like free beads isn't special!

Everyone will be getting one of these medallions and one of these heavy ornate links too.
I think I have enough for 7 boxes. We'll say 7 for now. After I'm done wading through to make 7 if there's more I'll offer more. And you have to etsy convo me, it won't work if you leave a message b/c we need to do a paypal transaction for the postage.
I need a nap.
Happy birthday to me!

NOTE: The giveaway is closed. Thanks for the well wishes and comments, guys. I love you all. Also I think I'll be able to send a box to everyone who etsy convoed me. How cool is that?


Juliette said...

115 Fern Drive, Boulder Creek, CA 95006!


Anonymous said...

WoooHOoo! What bountiful booty. How exciting ;) Happy B-day!!

Jiorji said...

umm i want!!! WANT!!

i've never been so jealous. JEALOUS!!

those flower carvings are soooo amazing
and the creepy picture medallion thingy.
the lambs!!!!!
lucky lucky bday girl. if i were you i probably wouldn't sleep or eat for the next 2 months.

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday, you lucky broad, you!

3 Little Kittens Studio said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Drooling, what you got is better than cake!!!

Love and hugs!!!!!!!!

CraftyHope said...

Happy happy birthday!
What a wonderous, fabulous, awesomeous, beautimous, ICan'tEvenImaginOus surprise! I'm so excited for you and cannot wait to see what all you'll do with it.
Oh, and I sent you an Etsy convo before I finished even reading this post. I hope I'm one of the lucky seven. . .that would be pretty amazaballs.
Enjoy your goodies. . .and get some sleep!!

darlene said...

i'm in. you are so sweet to share! happy birthday! xoxo

darlene said...

I'm feeling a bit tipsy as in "is this for reals?" tehehe. birthday bliss for you for sure! and two posts that equal one. had a great time back to school this week and might be celebrating! hiccup.

Gardanne said...

Happy Birthday, I had a birthday on Wednesday and today I was very excited when I realized that what I thought was my 57th was my 56th year. When you get to my age its hard to keep track. I don't need any more beads, trying to destash. I have made peace with the fact that making parts is my thing not making the jewelry.

Vintajia Adornments said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Trying hard not to become the 'green-eyed dragon'

Kathy Barrick said...

Oh DAMN!!!! I sent you the WRONG boxes. That was all stuff I was going to keep. CRAP. You have to send it all back and I'll send you the correct boxes filled with the left overs.

hahahaha just kidding!

Happy Birthday!


richelle said...

Happy birthday, Marina! Lovely new things--lucky!

Wildthorne said...

Happy birthday awesome one! So happy for you and all your treasures. Everything is so wonderful, Kathy is awesome.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

So sad I'm too late to comment, but I had to say that I'm pretty sure that the guy in the old photo from above is Woody Harrelson...just sayin'...Feliz Cumpleanos!

Stephanie said...

Wow, someone spent some time collecting for you. Happy Birthday!

Numinosity said...

Oh man I would have 'sploded my brain pan over this.
I guess I'm late to the party getting all distracted by having to host a wedding reception in my yard tomorrow. Oh yes, today they told me I'm actually IN the wedding and I have to figure out what to wear that doesn't involve crocs or chaco sandals.
happy birthday and there's more coming BTW.

StaroftheEast said...

Goodness! It should be forbidden to be that lucky :))

Lucie Tales said...

Happy birthday Marina!! These gifts are are simply awesome!!! Lucky you! :D

annamei said...

Happy happy birthday your lucky one!!!!
I can´t imagine a better ton of birthday presents for you!

La Fileuse said...

Oh, I'm late... Happy Birthday, Marina ! You are the ONE everybody wants to send their treasures to... I'm looking forward to the new pieces of art you'll be making ! o/

Lela said...

Obviously you had a Happy Birthday! so no reason to wish you one now. Your magic hands will rock all that stash!!

martinisfor2 said...

happy birthday!!! what a glorious haul! congrats to all the winners... sorry I missed this!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday - and what a great way to spend it. Gosh, digging through the treasure trove of wonderfulness.

So on with the makies....and lots of 'em.

Jackie said...

WOW, what an awesome haul. I can't wait to see what you build with these treasures. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you, I know you enjoyed it!!

I'm always a day short and a dollar late!! Best to ya!

Beatnheart said...

Wow oh wow wowowowowo
jeepers that is one of the most singularly kick ass gifts I have ever ever seen in my entire life for reals and no lie... What comes around goes around sweet sister and you know how much everyone loves you to bits...That is like a entire collection of some of the finest and you are right you are set up for the year at least...Now we all have something to watch for in your upcoming work...congratulations and Happy Birthday lil baby!

Unknown said...

Dear M!
You deserve every atom of preciousness. The universe knows you need stuff to do your alchemy. Happiest of birthday greetings to you! Norma, x

Seth said...

The happiest of birthdays to you. What a treasure trove!!!

betweenreader said...

Happy birthday, Miss Greedy Gutz; seriously, WAHHHHHHHH!

I never. Yikes. How wonderful!

Louise said...

Happy birthday wonderful woman! I must say I'm rather envious of your loot, wow! Have fun with it, we'll be seeing the results of wonder, no doubt. Have a great day. :)

Rebecca S. said...

Dang it! You'll be needing a frontloader to move all that great shizz around! Can't wait to see what you make with it all!

And happy (belated now!) birthday!!!!

Penelope said...

So I'm just going to be the only honest one here- I hate you, life is not fair and I'm going to go sit in the corner and eat my weight in chocolate.

Did you know - my entire stash is probably not even as much as just that parcel? I mean THAT'S A HAUL. And I mean all my stash, even the stuff I think 'why do I have this?' That's why I hate you, cause you have more things than me. Free things! It's funny- you get that and think 'omg all the things I can make' and I'd think 'omg all the things i can sell' cause I no longer see it as jewelry making fodder.


Andrew Thornton said...

Happy belated birthday! Send me your address and I'll send you some more things to add to your birthday haul! ardenttie@yahoo.com

Chris said...

Rats! Missed the giveaway, but want to wish you a way belated happy birthday!!! You have cool stuff~