Puppies cry, apparently.

Jiorji commented, "When there's no proper fanci blogging, puppies cry.  PUPPIES. CRY!!!"
In other words, no pressure, right?
 It's comments like these that keep me holed up like a mental patient without any kind of a life. 
Well, that and the fact that getting out of the house takes effort. Ok, it's comments like that that make me feel frantic to list new things instead of taking my time. (Above, stillpintworks polymer pin and etsybud Claudia's utee and fusible film iridescent beads.)
Or something. I've been working on the purple cat turds and havent even begun to consider incorporating my FrenchSentiments haul. So chill. 
Those big rocks? I got them here as destash for a whopping ten bucks.
You can see in the original photo from the listing the top and bottom connections were very messy. Even messier in person, but I knew I could use them for something. I just cut off the parts I didn't like and fiddled around til I'd made my own simpler connections with much less wire.
Ta-da! And the smaller rock I incorporated into the first necklace. Now, lets admit this looks pretty good and stop calling it a cat turd. All the indigo beads were colored with alcohol ink and then matte sprayed.
I can't for the life of me get a decent picture of this:
 I'm thinking it's for patroness because really, all that bauxilite is hers, as well as the cast African tubes... both of which are also so expensive no one else will be able to afford it. She will be given the it-was-your-stuff-to-begin-with discount. Plus it's wonky and she'll be able to handle that. Plus it's huge and crazy.

 These beach pottery shards were also from her. I spent quite a while just drilling a million holes, then soldered together some wire links.
That amazing chain in the back is also hers, so she better want it! Since there's no focal, it'll be good for layering too.
A piece for sub-patroness, or Patroness 2: The Revenge.
Actually the length on the beadalon/ rat tail/ whatever you call it wire are all from the recent bead haul. The big pale blue glass floral circle thing, I turned into a button with that pearly pin I stick through it. Clever me! I mounted the fan on tin, I leafed the antler horn, I added 2 big tongue pierce barbells to the 2 big holes in the antler that I think were an attempt to turn it into a huge toggle button. But they both needed filling, so yeah. And I kept the barbells from just floating around loose in there with some bone heishi. They still all need a drop of superglue where they screw on.
And I broke the white circle thing as I was trying to connect it. Didn't even blink. Just kept right on going with that little chip. I chuckled to myself thinking of some of you maybe freaking out over that- it is old and really lovely, faceted in a way you can't really see here, and not mine in any case. But I just got another big jump ring and continued along.
And now for some awful pix of bangle stacks. These did include some destash from the haul. But I can't take pictures of these! It's like I'm fighting them or something. Damn it. Plus it's a dark, rainy day and I'm all grumpy. Fuck pictures. Fuck them so hard.
 Anyways, here's a pales stack.
And here's a big and bulky, bolder pale stack. 

So now I have zero desire to write up listings or anything. And I still didn't get pictures of all these bluegreens:
About three stacks worth so there's a whole other rigamarole. And trying to capture the special bits in all of them is such a severe ass pain. Not unlike what I imagine it would feel like if I just shoved the entire camera into my ass. And probably equally pleasing results, aesthetics-wise. Oy vey. How many delicate blog readers have I just scared away for good?


Margaret Zipkin said...

Whoa! That is some amazing wire wrapping! It blows my mind that with quantity that you produce, every piece is powerful and beautiful in its own right. (You know, I had to order a special drool guard for my ipad...)

Julie said...

You'd never scare me away! I get my best inspiration from your blog. And I do see one of mine in there. Everything is scrumptious as usual!

Alice said...

I get a kick reading your posts! All your pieces are fantistic, and I can't stop looking at all those bangle stacks.

And by the way I had a rotten day at work but came home to a box of goodies from you, and I might have squeeled with every piece I pulled out of there. Thanks for making my day!

big mamabird said...

Prolly none..

Anvil Artifacts said...

Ok, those wire captured stones look so much better after your treatment and that fan necklace....Maggie Zee can I please borrow that drool guard?

Lucie said...

No you won't scare me away either! I agree, those wire stones are much better the way you managed them. And how do you drill pottery shard without breaking them?! Please do share your magic tip, I've broken too many already!
These bangles stacks are eye candies...(pool of drool)

PipnMolly said...

Love how you improved on and used those wrapped rocks. Spot on.

Jiorji said...

AHAHA i'm a little impatient jerk.

love the beach pottery and that last necklace with the little bible charm.

those cat turd things i saw listed on etsy as druzies and then remembered what you wrote about their colour coming off...now i get a liiiittle bit suspicious of what i buy in terms of gemstones and if they're actually authentic. damn fakers!

martinisfor2 said...

purple cat turds... lol, now I will giggle every time I clean the litter box.

the necklaces are beauteous. lucky patronesses. the skull and antler are my faves. the bangles are out of this world. i'll have to get out my bangle beads again and turn my floor into one that looks like yours!

Sparrow said...

I prefer to make love to my photos, but then lately Etsy has been fucking them right in the back door, everything is uploading blurry (tip, don't touch the cropper AT ALL).

I get scared of the bangle stacks, because they have so much stuff in them. I'm scared of anything that uses a lot of supply- you really have no idea. I gotta let go of that.

I love that sea china necklace!

Sharon Driscoll said...

I'm with Jorji - the puppies do cry and me too! But this batch was worth the wait... So cleaver with the wire wrapped stones - you have the gift of sight for sure. I'm sure there must be an eye on your forehead and one under your hair in the back too! Go baby go!!!

FadeandRemain said...

Your work is gorgeous as always, but the more you post Patroness stuff, the curiouser I get. Who is she, what does she do, and more importantly, will she be my friend? Because if I saw someone walking down the street in any of those honkin' big necklaces you've made for her, I would immediately need to know them.

I know you can't share the identity of The Patroness , but so far I've narrowed it down to: antiquities scholar, Anna Wintour's disgruntled sister, everyone's favorite Spanish teacher or Rachel Brice. I can be friends with any and all of them.

Lela said...

Magic hands have done it again. Bangle-Rama!

Juliette Williams said...

Love what you did with the pottery shards. Beautiful! And also how you changed those wire wrapped stones. They look so much better now. Well done! xoxo

13 said...

Will be trying the wrapped stone and alcohol ink beads to be sure. I'll probably make an unholy mess. As for breaking that ring...I would have needed trauma counseling.

Wildthorne said...

I'm late to the party (as alway) but still here :) You had me laughing out of sympathy for your photos, they don't look bad to me as you must think they do... the necklaces for Lori are beautiful! Do you have any more of those skulls? Me wants one. <3

JLou said...

Thanks, Fanci-girl, for your answer (* drawing = waow!) And: for showing us all your stuff. Now I just want to drink some beer with you.

Tribalis said...

pottery, love themm.. gorgeous necklace.. nothing to get the attention out of them.. simple and strong.