Big Girl Studio.

OK, this is the last picture I showed you guys of my studio.
 That was actually after cleaning it slightly so the guy could fit through to fix my windows.
This is it now:
DUUUUUUDE! Shit is up off the floor! It's like an adult's room! I'm a big girl finally at almost 40 years of age. I still have some shelves to put up, organizing to do and crap to get off the floor but yeah.
So my Cali bits came back (wrapped like 1000x better than they were when sent) and I took some overall image pix just for the listings.
 They're fine but... not anywhere as good. But fine. 
So yeah, I listed everything.
Leaping from the Pinnacle. Cosmic rustic Victorian tribal assemblage iridescent lilac pink purple necklace.Let Heaven Exist. Cosmic rustic assemblage art necklace.To Fill Your Heart. Cosmic rustic assemblage necklace with amethyst and gold leaf.
Leaping from the Pinnacle.        Let Heaven Exist.            To Fill Your Heart.

Ask the Moon to Come.  Victorian Tribal Cosmic Bracelet with amethyst.
Ask the Moon to Come.
Sinews of the Sky. Cosmic victorian tribal assemblage bracelet with kuchi, faux druzy, gold leaf, blue green.
           Sinews of the Sky. 

Today in Chi-tow it's 18° F /-8° C, thought I should share. 
Also, last night I went to a shindig where my mom was honored with Physician of the Year at the Clinic she volunteers at. They serve 11,000 patients, so there's a lot of doctors but she's the best cuz she's amazing. 
Sometimes I forget that Mom's saved millions of people's lives and caught thousands of problems other doctors never could (this has been the theme of her practice since before I was born), that she's basically got superpowers. In the 80s when people started talking about how modern mothers are expected to be superwomen I was like "Yeah that sounds about right.... oh wait, that's a bad thing? Cuz no one can really be superwoman? Hu." Mom was.
And I could tell stories of the kinds of sexism and racism she's overcome. The other day some doctor was looking at a chart showing how many patients each doctor sees and couldn't believe how far Dr. Rios left them all in the dust. He then actually said, "Wow, your husband sure sees a lot of patients!" Because... even though he'd never even met or seen a Mr Dr Rios... I can't even.

Dad kept pressing the button and it wouldn't take a picture and this went on for quite a while until we realized he'd just taken 70 pictures of us. Plus he wrote on his name tag "Eduardo, Dr Rios' Husband" Cuz he's redonk. He's also Dr Rios and thus he is his own husband. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

great honor for your mom , you are proud
also for a badass tomboy you look great in your jewelry-perhaps being a badass that can rock jewelry is even better

Anonymous said...

Congrats on fixing up your studio! I used to do all the shipping for my supply shop on the floor, but moved to an actual table about a year ago. It does something good for your self esteem to be up off the floor, I think. And also congrats to your Mom, I bet she's a really great lady!

stregata said...

Congrats to your mom for a well deserved honor. I always knew your parents must be superhumans, because you are a superhero of jewelry! And just for good measure: !!!!
Yay for getting up of the floor. But being a big girl is sometimes overrated... so I won't be surprised if things gradually gravitate downwards... ;)

Monika Sztretye said...

Hi Marina! just wanted to say congrats to your mom, honestly I am not surprised. She is great!

StaroftheEast said...

Your mum looks so friendly and lovely, and you have the same smile :)

PipnMolly said...

Wonderful uplifting post. Wonderful pictures especially with your mom. Great that you have such a supportive and happy family. We used to have turquoise ceilings like your window wall. I miss that.
Was very cheerful.

Lela said...

Re: "Wow, your husband sure sees a lot of patients!"

I hope she nailed him.

Huge congrats to her!

Unknown said...

Dear Ms Fanci-

I have been stalking, I mean following you for quite awhile. I first found you on Lorelei's blog. I am simply fascinated by your one and only style. Some day i will make enough from selling my jewelry to buy one of your stunning pieces!!

I am an RN so your mom is a goddess to me. I can't imagine what she's been through over the years and still managed to see all of those patient's.

They don't make many like your dad anymore either. You are a blessed lady to come from such wonderful stock (so to speak).

I will continue stalking, i mean following and being inspired by your incredible style and humor.

Unknown said...

That is such a cool portrait on you and your Mom. Mom's have to be super heroes, it's kind of like their job but it sure has been apparent all along that the little "nut" probably didn't fall to far from a very strong oak tree. :-). Now we know for sure.

As to the floor - it just seems like when you are working on matching things up being able to see what 'ya got is important. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Have a great week - we're freezing our Ka-hoona's off here is Michigan too.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Bravo to your mom. How many incredible accomplishments she has achieved. The other accomplished Dr. Rios, continues to crack me up. I really enjoy these snippets of family time you share. Thank you.
Kudos to you too for the studio transformation. Looks like a fun and inspiring place to work. I wonder if this means you will produce at an even faster pace. Is that humanly possible? I believe it is... you are from the league of extraordinary women.

Mathi Bear said...

I hate cleaning, but I find after cleaning I usually get his with a surge in creativity and productiveness (which also slowly re-trashes the place). My biggest favorite thing for both design and organizing is my huge pegboard. I have a couple pegboard baskets and a bunch of regular peg hooks with a ton of bead strangs, little baggies, delica tubes with the loops on top (which may or may not hold delica beads). I can hang things next to each other and just hang stuff together on the board to figure out where I want to go with it.

Lucie Tales said...

So now I understand where your superpowers are coming from!!! Bravo to your mum!

Kathy Barrick said...

Wow!!! Congratulations to your Mom, supermom, superwoman, superdoctor. You obviously are and should be so very proud. Your new studio looks great!!!!!! You're coming up off the floor and I couldn't be more proud!

Anonymous said...

Woo! I'm back in town & catching up with you; love your new studio! lighting insights, designs, and your AWESOME Mom! Wow- how cool. No wonder you're so baddass. ;)