Lights! Camera! Ac- OHMYGOD LIGHTS!

Dudes guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat?

I discovered the white balance function in my camera!!!!!!!! Is that a choir of angels I hear?
I've barely had to edit these. My life is solved. (The drops are little clappers from tribal bells. I always remove those to save for something special. The stones are Kathyhaul.)

 One might say that knowing me I'm now going to go or already have gone overboard. To which I shall counter- don't hate.
(Cute little findings from etsy for some point-back glass opal stones.)
Here's a way asymmetrical pair.

Creamy sort of greens. Pro tip: search etsy for orphan lampwork. These are not pairs or sets, just extras the artists have laying around. You get the most amazing deals, and I don't like matchy-matchy anyways. Na0sGlass here.
One of you lovely ladies just sent me this tiny jar and I'm blanking out on who.

These and the ones up top with the white little figures are from Kathyhaul. I think these are king cake trinkets.

She sent six, but there were no connections. Wanna hear what my clever ass did? I took bits of raw brass and heated them on the stove top til they were red hot, then just stuck them in the plastic, pushing down as far as they'd go. Brass wire cools away from red hot super fast, so I then heated the other end of the brass to  be able to push the wire in a bit more. They're way secure.

On shipwreck's advice, I bought a great big milk glass platter to use as a photo base and I freaking love it. Reflects light in a very special way, and it certainly doesn't get as dirty as all my paper does.

Here's Uruguay, right next to Argentina and Brazil.
OMG, lets all stop what we're doing and go now to BuzzFeed's 21 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Uruguay In 2014. I'll wait here.
OK? Done? OK. And notice they didn't mention that it never snows or that the food tastes like... concentrate of food...
So when I went to Mom's shindig I had to get all made up and I'm so out of practice that I shoved a big stiff brush right into my open eyeball and scratched the crap out of my cornea. It somehow didn't hit me til the next day.
The last 2-3 days have been a blur of pain and blindness. I couldn't use the good eye either cuz when I moved that around just to focus on stuff, it would make the scratched eye rub against the closed eyelid and I'd about loose it. Then yesterday it hurt much less with some of my mom's magical powers applied, so I could go around with the one eye closed. But thats when I learned why nature never evolved the cyclops. Dudes. Two eyes. Two eyes are a must. Dudes look cool with the eyepatch like that one guy on Walking Dead but it's like seeing everything through a tunnel. It sucks. (If you do know of any cyclopses... cyclops... one-eyed creatures, please comment.) 

Also, how do blind people do anything? Jeez you can't even put on music to listen to without being able to see! And I had all these orders to send out but I got them all fucked up. Sigh.
By the way, y'all made my mom so happy with your comments.

So then last night I felt better and stayed up making all this stuff since I've had enough sleep on these coma-inducing pain meds for proly a week. 

I think this studio re-do bidness is already helping. Mad productivity, yo.

Now here's Mom's cats:
I love those dummies to death.


dawn said...

Love the photos.....and glad the ruptured cornea is better....I have been there and it is a nightmare...thank goodness for the magic meds :)

Jiorji said...

cats!! :D
one of them you can tell is the dummy one and the other's thinking "do you SEE who i have to live with?! i steal his treats when he's not looking!"

that first pair of earrings is magical :D

Penelope said...

I am like, really shit with spatial depth perception - I'm so bad with it that it's like walking around in a 3D movie and I bump into things. I actually function better when I close one eye. Maybe that's why I'm good at photography...nah I never use the viewfinder. Ah there's another camera tip for the masses.

But haven't I BEEN telling you, white balance! Balancing your whites is the best way to get good shit done good. But I'm not elaborating on that now because I'm writing a tutorial on it AS WE SPEAK. As I type. in the other window.

Also I keep telling you a studio clean is good. When I was making stuff I had to clean my desk at least once a week or it just became a big shambles cause I'd work on 40 things at once. Also because now I'm a neat freak.

Her Strange Kind said...

I hope your eye feels better soon, eye pain is more disturbing than other pain, I think, plus the whole sight issue.
My dear sweet late cat Boris was a cyclops of sorts. He was a stray whose eye got infected, presumable after a fight. Some kindly vet gave him a glass eye for free before I adopted him.
BTW your picture looks amazeballs.

Beatnheart said...

Just love seeing your beautiful stuffs in that bright light.. Don't know anything about balancing whites or that cool function on your camera.... Good stuff..
Mom has pretty fresh flowers in Her kitchen and of course love her kittens...

HenrietteWhite said...

These are all really realy gorgeous! Including the cats!!

Lucie Tales said...

Madness productivity!! So maybe I should clean my studio, ha!

StaroftheEast said...

I went and read the BuzzFeed.

Wowza! What are you doing up there?

Get well soon :)

Amber Van Meter said...

I noticed some searches were coming here and WOW, I love what you di with my beads. Those earrings are fabulous! And congrats on finding the white balance...your photos look great!

Unknown said...

I love love the earrings with the pink stones and the little tribal people hanging from the ends! So pretty. You are one of my idols!!! Trying to come up with my own cool style. Secretly you are a mentor for me. kThanks.

Unknown said...

The white balance is good but I think the work is looking a little faded out - try kicking up the contrast a notch or so when you edit. Your work is entirely too cool to look fuzzy or bleached out. I'm in love with the blue earrings...so purr-ty.

Still Waters Studio said...

I have to pop in and look at your blog on a regular basis, just to get some grunge inspiration. The random, weathered, asymmetrical look really takes a lot of work.
Your conversation is so entertaining that it gives me a smile or a laugh too.
Glad you are healing and creating more amazing stuff!

samia87 said...

Oh so gorgeous.
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