Do you ever get into this zone

where you don't wanna do anything but read in bed and watch Netflix? I know, I should be saying do you ever get out of that zone. Look at this recent picture of the president of my country:
 Yup. He's the guy in the middle. And y'all wonder why I'm silly.
Now lets look at some pix that have recently made me laugh. (There will be a prize at the end of this whole pointless post.)

 The above made me laugh for two years.
 And dude captioned this with "I couldn't find my bird anywhere and then..."
 I wanna live in this guy's face.

Now look at this table that is not connected to the wall.
No really, look at it.
OK, your reward for indulging me is a big ol' coupon for anything in the shop EXCEPT tutorials for 30% off when you use the code 30PERCENT. During checkout, under "How you'll pay" click "Apply coupon code" and enter it there. It won't work if you put it in 'notes to seller'!!!!! And I'm only announcing this on the blog, cuz it's been a while since I did giveaways or anything.


StaroftheEast said...

Priceless pics, thank you!
And your president? What a puppy!

Anvil Artifacts said...


Unknown said...

Always fun to read the photos and cartoons you add to the blog. I just want to hug a seal now...it's cold enough I the Midwest for them.

Unknown said...

Oh shoot - I forgot to say that Mr. Prez is just too cute and his style makes me chuckle. If you've got a rule a country you might as well be comfortable!

Unknown said...

Mr President is probably so laid back cos he gives away most of his salary! Cats are such doofuses!

Lela said...

sportsing! love that one...so perfect!!!! And so true!!!

Jen said...

Couldn't sleep...totes magotes pic love it...needed a laugh...always nice to see a new blog post...starting from the beg. Of your blog...your dream of the worm and seeing his world from his/her/its vantage point, everything eTing and being eaten....the apololypytic vision...oh my...beautiful, ghastly, real

Miss R said...

Thank goodness they don't make human-sized bags of Doritos or I'd be that bird.

I like your president's open-toe policy.

Anonymous said...

Ok- I was fine w/ your comfy prez, 'til I got to the capris. Yikes!
Totes magotes Lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Pepe rocks:



Anonymous said...

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