Speaking of Which

 So Mom was like, "I saw your blog. Poo poo poo poo poo!"
So I'm all, "I'm almost 40 years old! You can't say nothing!" That's my argument. It works for almost anything the 'rents say to me.

"Is that a new shirt?" "I'm almost 40 years old!" "Your sister called today." "I'm almost 40 years old!"

A real article over on io9.

Speaking of my last post, I have to quote Betsi Goutal's comment. "Ok, I'll admit that when your story reached 'That's when it's my time to shine. If you've ever watched a home decor show, you'll have heard that the best thing you can do is paint a room.' it was like watching some kind of surgery documentary - I was equally horrified and excited, because for a second there I was convinced you'd started painting dog poo and - being you - somehow had found some way to make it grungaliciously gorgeous. :D"
  She thought I was gonna Paint. With. Poo.                    

Yeah. No. Let that sink in. That's how well y'all know me. Cuz probably of anybody I've ever met I'm the closest to someone that would actually do that.

Betsi, by the way, is reading my entire blog from the beginning (!!!!!) and mentioned this post in which I analyze and learn design from an old fave- Lorelei Eurto. She thought I should link to it as being edifying for a general audience.
She also just quoted me from my own blog the following.  "I apologize to any men who may have wandered on to this blog hoping for some techniques or deep thoughts about the universe. I promise after my period I'll... do some manly posts. About manly techniques and manly thoughts about the universe. Yeah."
You wanna boost someone's ego, quote them back to them.
You guys I have the best blog followers ever. I have a new bud who is a Canadian living in Spain who found me via the book and now writes me about her struggles with art.

I have one who writes me these long involved convos where she keeps insisting how BADASS my stuff is- always in all caps.
I clicked on her avatar to get a closer look at it (it's of her cute dog) and on her profile page I saw just two different lists of favorites. The generic "Items I Love" and another: "BADASS jewelry by Marina Rios." *falls off chair*
And while I'm quoting. Also from last post's comments, Beatnheart. "I fell in love all over with you marina...you never ever get old or stale... Your wild eyed way of looking at the world brings me indescribable happiness... "

 I got some dust in my eye, shut up.

Nook at a picture I took of my back patio.

That was hours ago and it's still snowing. By now that cake of snow on the table is just a tall cylinder. Tomorrow it's going to be -20 F (-28 C for all y'all lucky enough not to live in this great country of ours) with the wind chill making it -45 to -45 (-40 to -43 C). You'd think it were Armageddon. It doesn't concern me, I don't leave the house anyways.
(Edit: I fixed those numbers. I was converting the wrong way. Keep forgetting if we're Celcilious or Farghenhuten.)


Betsi Goutal said...

Hey now! I thought (and seriously, it was only for a fleeting second) you were going to paint the poo itself. With like sheeemery Lumiere paints or something. I dunno why that sounds less crazy to me. Not that it sounds *not* crazy. Idk, shut up. For some reason my mind went to like dried-up pellets of poo. Like owls. Or... omg, did you know that wombats poop cubes?

What was I saying? Oh right. That if anyone could make poop jewelry rock, it'd be you. And that's a compliment, I swear.

I still can't get over how much light you are getting in these lastest photos! Don't you just love it when you learn a new thing like that and suddenly you feel like a superhuman? Like "the world shall tremble before the might of my glowy light-filled pictures!!!" Cuz I do. Yeah.

And yes. Your amazing commenters are a big part of why I'm reading it all from zee verra baginnin'. You attract some seriously gorgeous souls m'dear. You have such a creative and generous spirit and energy to you. You're like an artist bug zapper. Only, y'know, less deadly zaps. Inspiration zaps.

Love every last one of the new eye candies - and so stoked to see the first and second-to-last pairs of earrings, cuz I found a pair of suns much like that (but god-awful bright shiny gold... before I patinaed them) so now I have stuff to copy! I mean, draw inspiration from. Either. Both?

See, I can't shut up in blog comments any more than I can in convos. If I'm so loquacious how come I struggle to keep up with my own blog? Hmm? ...hmm.

Anonymous said...

Is it because I have only cat poo and Chinese dwarf hamster poo that I can't achieve an ceaseless stream of creativeness. All those earrings are insanely brilliant. I hold you personally responsible for my future crime spree.

Betsi Goutal said...

Oh! And the earrings with the owl on one and the couple in a sailboat on the other totally made me think of the poem The Owl and The Pussycat, especially this bit from the second verse:

Pussy said to the Owl, 'You elegant fowl!
How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?'
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the Bong-tree grows

...wait. What. BONG TREE? Mmkay, my childhood makes a bit more sense now...

darlene said...

gosh where were we? i think Colorado where a big sign on the side of the road said poo jewelry. yup. they shellac deer, elk & rabbit poo and string it as beads then sell it to us! eeewww!

Alice said...

Even at age 50 and nearly 51 my dad still tells me what to do. Every little detail like I'm still a child. But he was in the air
force which might account for some of that. I sometimes huddle down in the blankets after he calls me...or at least I feel like it.

All of your stuff is fantastic, but I knew it would be.

Sandra said...

Do wish I had anything meaningful to comment, but, all those pics of gorgeous earrings were way too distracting. 8D

Unknown said...

Marina, your jewelry is badass!! But your instinct for design is even more badass! I am so jealous cause i make jewelry and i know that the design part is the hard part for alot of people, so u better not take any shit from anyone! Sometimes i am like where does she come up with this! She is good!! Tx for all your sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

Beatnheart said...

ok new cookie crazzee gals are added to the fancifuldevices aairforce...

so what the heck ??? are you weaving now? knitting?
what is going on with that white pair of earrings with the spangles and sparkles and "knitting weaving" you got going on there...
love everyone of them
please don't start painting poop.

martinisfor2 said...

OMG that's all

Jennifer Valentine said...

you are such a beautful soul...it shows in everything you do. xoxox I'll always be one of the first that loved you the most...lol