After all yr comments about my polymers I was just doing a wiggle dance in my chair. I've begun to incorporate them into stuff but meanwhile, I got out the soldering mishmosh.
 A friend requested some more of these, remember these?
So since before people wanted to know what they looked like pre-solder, here:
I use tons of solder globs and end up doing a lot of sanding down afterwards with the dremel. In fact, the top and bottom link hoops I always have to re-open cuz the solder always goes right over them.

While I was at it, I finished some more soldered bits.
 Ancient beads! With Scorched Earth oil spill globs.
 These also I connected to the ring with one of my solder pins.
 And this huge rock which just begged to be turned into a ring.
I just wrote "simple ring" and had to go back to erase 'simple'. Cuz bitch please.

You guys I made a video of me skillfully connecting my beads:


Unknown said...

awesomeness as usual!!
That "simple" ring is just stunning. Me want.

Lucie Tales said...

Oh I'm in love with the first ring! Well I admit I'm in love with all the beauties in that post for that matter. For the solder job, did you use your torch or soldering iron?

Unknown said...

Love the solder globbiness - it's insanely wonderful. And I'm not sure if it works for low temp solder the way it does for my torch but when I don't want something to flow into an area I use white out in that spot and it keeps it from flowing there. It scrubs out after.

I've got major earring envy girlfriend.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

I like the gif with the guy in the background smiling playfully like it's totally normal to watch a lion playing with a car tire like it's a chew ring that he bought at Petsmart. Just sayin'.

Mardi said...

Your creations are awesome. For a first time with PC your beads blew me away too. I love how you showed the before/after for the soldered pieces. There is so much style to your work that they have a definite personality all their own.

Ellen R. W. said...

Sure hope you add more of these beautiful earrings to your Etsy site! In in for buying a pair!