Manic Makies

So what did I end up doing with all the polymerbabies? So glad you asked.
I really enjoyed my layered oblong earrings from last batch so I made these in the same vein.
'Cept with mop fleurs, me cornflakes and a layer of leafed tin. Here's a second pair-
There's more movement with the 1st wire set-up tho. But then maybe I like them stiff?
Lookit dem layers!
These are a version of the ones from last batch, but with solderpins and chain instead. Me like! 
Of course the solder managed to grab one of the rhinestone wires and it was a whole thing. I also hadn't intended for the chain to be embedded in them, thought that does help keep them balanced. I was asked about my solder in the comments- yeah it's just soft solder with iron, not torch.
Finally in earrings, these with the flashiest most fiery moonstones I ever did see.

Vintage opal glass cabs, flashy moonstone and gold leaf? And iridescent paint on the peeks of tin from a second layer? This iridescent cosmic bidness is getting outta control.

As for what I did with the rest of my polybabes. Well, not the rest because I made ten tons, but a bunch. They've really re-invigorated my making. Remember I was complaining about a plateau? No mo' plateau. Here we see another solderpin contraption with a tin mounted fleur in a frame type deal. (Why fleur instead of flower today? Cuz.) Buncha Shipwreck beads I just adore and then some we made togetherish.

Squee! And my big fat huge one on the dangle with a baroque glass pearl and a fat dalmatian jasper drop.

Also the moose tooth has some iridescent hints of color. I friggin' love the refined flower with the rustic tooth and grungy beads. I do a dance of joy.

Here's another- the rough/rustic part is in the focal with the refined/girly in the baroque pearls along the necklace.

Look at that crazy tooth situation! This is an antique amulet from Patroness. It insane. The fork was part of a thing from Kathyhaul that I cut the handle off of.

Look at the Shipwreck bead bottom left though.
 I used one per necklace, I'm bonkers over them. They remind me of lace. An old pink and black lace nightly you'd find in some thrift store. Love.

I had this beach-found bottle forever, finally made it into something.

So many big-n-chunkies in there!

Also solder and steel.

Oh this one is truly nuts.

Don't know if you remember from  Kathyhaul this little container of dental floss.

I gave it a crazy topper and all this goodness on the bottom. Including trading the bell clapper for a 4ophelia headpin. Squee!
I don't know if anyone's gonna want a shamanic dental floss necklace but, oh well, it felt right to me.
Now for the comic relief. This is old but I didn't see it and now that I have it's just stuck in my head forever. Plus it's actually good. Do I need to explain? This wacky lady was in a gas station that got robbed? And she's telling the reporter how she's backin' up outta there cuz her daddy taught her good?

 Still don't know what exactly her daddy taught her tho.


Unknown said...

Those are all wonderfully magnificent! (this girl is not afraid of big words)
I love the layered earrings, I love the ones with tin that looks like guitar picks, and I love all the necklaces. That fork one is crazeeeeee!
Love the beach chunky thing too.
And the one with the flower.
Well ok I love them all.
You rock girl!

Unknown said...

Maybe her papa taught her that if you see trouble coming ~ cross the street, or how to back out of trouble, or just how to drive using reverse. That is really funny hey?
So this surge of creative genius fires us all up dear M. Love everything here. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!! Norma, x

Beatnheart said...

lady friend you is da bomb and that is the fookin truth...you makes like no other and an inspiration to us all...keweeepee.

Rebecca S. said...

Well, you are just on FIRE right now with all this great new stuff!!! I was hoping to at least go to the shop and favorite a bunch of this and pine over it, but by the time I got over there: ALL GONE! Wow! Yay for you (too bad for me!)

Polymer clay is also great with photo transfer. Just saying. Cause you could transform that process into a whole new art form as well. Without a doubt.