It went really well.

Mr. D thinks I'm such a smarty pants now.
And this is what it feels like to be back in my own bed-
Niece Marcela is here for a week and says she wants to be an "autis like Mawina" because she too wants to stay home everyday, go to bed late and sleep all morning. Oh, and also make "pwetty things."
At some point she said she'd also have a baby and I said she couldn't because artists are poor and babies are expensive. She rolled her eyes and said, "You don't buy babies." She won that round.

So now y'all have to wait a while til I make any new things. So there was no point to this. That hedgehog tho.


Anonymous said...

welcome home, I have missed you , glad all went well wish I could have heard you talk. have fun with your family

Juliette said...

Missed you! Glad you're back. xo

shelly said...

my world sucks right now...fking cancer has invaded my husband's brain... i come to your blog to see the beauty in your creations and to be humored by your frankness and sense of humor that is so fresh and honest... i believe we were sisters in another life... keep on trucking and creating.

Unknown said...

eat, do nothing except what you want to do and rejuvenate. Wear your fuzzy slippers too.

Welcome Home