Ohmaigosh you guise!

Yeah the polys for sure gave me a refresh to get all nuts for more joolz-making.

Now with these dark pikchurs I find I need more spaces to see this here text on this here blerg. What's up today with my silly writing?

Big ol' honkin' thing.

And a slightly smaller honkin' thing.

Yup, they both honk.

Don't be silly.

This next collection is called "Why does it always have to be earrings all the time?"

We hardly do brooches in our circle of makers for some reason.

Though just a big jump ring could turn these all into pendants.

Balanced the girly/victorian detail on the pin with the rustic/tribal danglies below.

Above a gorgeous porcelain piece by RaggedRobyn and below another by her aunt greybirdstudio. But did you know Robyn was the one who taught her aunt how to clay?

A 'Paris' pin from Kathyhaul.

And all the Roman glass and kuchi is still from Patroness.

Here it is pinned on a shirt. Coming up with little cluster dangles is so fun and easy! Not like with necklaces where it's all complicated and then you end up with something too expensive to sell. Well, at least if you're as impatient as I am. Not like I think anyone's gonna necessarily want brooches, but the muse don't pay me no nevermind. What people do seem ravenous for are those layered round earrings. Should make more.

But instead I didn't. These are sorta mini versions with Roman glass beads dangling on utee pins.

I made these minimalist babies using pins by Stillpointworks, my polymer hero. They're inspired by some African earrings I saw.

↑ No really but how though? ↑

So I also made some of my own polydrops and then decided to use them on some simple earrings of my own.


My whole thought process lately us how it just doesn't have to be that complicated.

See- simple. Simple but each element is awesome and they're awesome so there. Lampworks above by 4ophelia.

Lapis and ScorchedEarth, of course.

I gotta do something about this background it's giving me vertigo.

A pair of hoops with old tin from Uruguay. Which I'm going to. In June. Yeah babeee.

Oh and these I had up ages ago and somehow disappeared from the listings. Must've clicked 'edit' when I thought I clicked 'copy.' Damn.

A re-make for someone who asked nicely.

In the spirit of smaller dangle clusters.

And I was going to give this away but then I decided to layer it with a third piece and keep the hangies simple and yeah.

My urge to sell off everything was for sure an effect of over-supply panic.

Don't know how I got so much damned stuff. And I'll be getting more in June.
To change things up, instead of closing with an animal gif, I wanted to share a selection of humorous test answers found on tumblr.

If you made it all the way to the end, here's your reward:




this is a metaphor for my life

that poor fucking cat is so confused

after a few messages an a revisit to this post, i’ve decided that this is not a cat


big mamabird said...

Mmm, those Lapis with the blue ScorchedEarth dangles earrings...I could live in them 24/7! Will they be for sale?

big mamabird said...

I would even go so far as to ask very politely and hopefully to actually buy them so as to wear them 23/7...

big mamabird said...

24 not 23!

Jiorji said...

i was gonna work on some textile brooches soon too :D

Anonymous said...

Those brooches are amazing, totally sweet and very wearable. Loving the long earrings too..well loving all the earrings. Robyn should claim a commission, she's an excellent teacher. Both they're creations are exquisite.

Jeannine said...

Ahh, broaches! I've been having an itch to create a line of these too! Yours are fantastic.

Unknown said...

Queue the spooky music. I'm painting something which I will mount on tin and then hang from a brooch pin clasp which I have already successfully made (my first success. I learned that work hardening wire is essential. And it's easy!!) and it'll take awhile to finish due to the painting but I'm doing a brooch for my first piece of body wear jewelry. Last night in my mind's eye before falling asleep, I designed a way to make it into an instant necklace. Chunk of leather lace string thing finished at the ends by wire wrap clasp thing. To attach the brooch just wrap a chunk of leather like a squarish piece that has been predrilled with nice holes, around the leather string lace thing, and put the pin bar clasp thing through the holes (there'd be 4 in all) and then the brooch hangs from the leather string thing. I like this idea a lot. Love love love your work. Love your work Marina! N, x

Unknown said...

OMG, in the first pic, what is that stone? It looks like dyed CLA, is it? Love your new pieces and the way you have put the color together , really really, love the utee pins too. Actually going to try some tonight with my new tut. thanks so much,g
Wait, forgot one OMG. The blue green gold drops, what?????? toooooo much, just tooooo much.

Unknown said...

omg, the pink utee bead with light, knocks me over. g

Unknown said...

Love all the creations but the last bit made me laugh till I cried. Thanks, I needed to laugh today!

RaggedRobyn said...

Fab works Marina! I love watching your creative development!
Btw I have specialised in ceramics for about 10 years but the other year told Rey about technical stuff... firing temps, clays etc. She is a natural creative. We live hundreds of miles away from each other and she is self taught. What I told her she could of found out from other sources. Her creativeness is her own. We inspire each other, and hopefully others too x