Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

-- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

As I emerge from my post-surgery fugue I am starting to feel soooo much better. Turns out that my body was fighting an infection, I had an abscess- ewwwwwwwwww- and those can cause flu-like symptoms.

!!!!!!! So my vaguely-shitty feeling, which lets be honest, was actually really shitty I just didn't wanna be a big whiner, had a totally real cause and is totally really going away!!!!!!!!

The heavens are parting and angelic choirs sing jubilation!

And making things is nice to do again, and even just sitting around is nice to do too...
And I haven't listed any of this stuff yet but I was too eager to wait. Wanted to share my good news and my makies.

I should name this something about friends- Sparrow gave me the focal, 4Ophelia/NearlyLost gave me that amazing fancy bead I've turned into a hook, TeapostandTelephones gave me the oval stones (which I soldered together all cutely, check it) and the decals I put on the focal. Even the tiny pearls were a gift! Cidne of Inheritance Haul fame.

Fancy trinket box lid from Uruguay- I used the hinge for a connector.

Fishbone chain and waxed cord macrame.
What- another tassel-y lariat? No way. This one in glowing ambers with a touch of apple green.

The tiny myrrh beads were also Inheritance haul. I made the amber-ish looking beads, my faux-ancients. Yum.

Oh and I had to keep a bunch of these to make a choker out of. Gosh I love the things I make. Oh yeah, it's that feeling of enjoyment again. I'd forgotten about you!

Like look at that one bright magenta stripe in the middle-ish round bead. What is that? I don't know but it makes me so happy.

I twirled vintage silk cord then waxed the crap out of it, heating to allow it to sink into the fibers. Sterling hook from Inheritance haul.

Beautiful old tin with beautiful old text graphics. Paired with my tiniest beads and some of that fishbone chain.

Chain which had been sitting in front of me for ever, me thinking I'd never find a use for it. And pow, one batch uses it all up. And it's perfect.

I believe these are the very last of the Kathyhaul druzy. And the rose gold thingy is from Patroness, used to house the birdie that went on to become this:
 Nocturne- delicate assemblage bracelet in black with mixed metals 
More little strands of myrrh, with tiny seeds between each nug.

Some of my connectors I didn't sell because I wanted to play with them myself.

Do you see, Miss Linda of TeapotsandTelephones, just how much I've enjoyed these goddamn decals? I mean, where'd they come from? They are so superior to all others I've seen anywhere. Though it also turns out you can make your own decals- there's decal printer paper out there, mm-hmm.
OK, ok, ok. Can we stop and squee over these teeeny tiny earrings here? Can we just? Go ahead, I'll give you a moment.
Look how tiny they are:
OK, now I have to measure everything, describe it in glowing terms, come up with some fancy names.... arg. So if any of you want any of the above and want to tell me right quick, you'll be saving me a heap of work.
Or not, that's cool. I'm just not sweating it anymore.

Oh also another thing that happened - since I mentioned my surgery on Instagram, two dear friends from college and from my 20s contacted me to check in. It was amazing. My college girl, she still regularly pops up in my dreams. Which always makes me kinda sad cuz it's like my subconscious still doesn't get that I'm not in contact with her anymore. But now I am.

Today we will visit the regal feline, whom the ancient Egyptians believed... no I can't, they're just too ridiculous.

I want to give a special thanks to all you lovely commenters. It really means a lot, especially when you're feeling shitty.

Fade and Remain wrote, "I heard that you should apply the herbs directly to your boobs, in the sun, with a few magnets stuffed up your nose while standing in a large glass punch bowl. At least, that's what I do and the neighbors seem to enjoy it."

So many of you have had boob scares/actual problems! So many of you understood my wanting-it-to-be-cancer-cuz-then-at-least-it-would-explain-it thing, it made me feel so normal. You guize! 


Unknown said...

Love those pieces with the fishbone chain! I've been kind of obsessed with the look of it. I'm glad you found the source of your sickness and that you could cure it. I'm going through similar stuff right now.
Great job as always! <3

tysh said...

i'm glad you're feeling better!

i'm in love with the amber and apple green necklace. such beautiful colours.

Unknown said...

So happy to hear the news of your crummy but getting fixed state of being. Infection hey? Huh. Thank God for the medical professionals we have these days. Just so glad M.
So, I realize that when I now look at your blog posting, I immediately jump to looking for your polys. Seriously. Been doing it for awhile now without realizing it. Now I am aware of this, I name it "spot the poly" and I do need to get out more...

The amber-ish looking beads. Killer. Okay gotta go and finish looking at everything. Talk soon, N, x

Unknown said...

I had to come back real quick. That first cat trying to eat the toast in the magazine reminded me of the time my girlfriend was sitting on the floor watching daytime t.v. eating a piece of toast laden with butter and jam and her stealthy cat literally FLEW past her mid-air and stole a very big bite on his way by. Smart cat. N, x

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! The decals were found on eBay as part of a lot of several sheets. They were listed as "ceramic decals". I am not sure what ceramics need such tiny decals, but you can find lots of them fairly regularly there if you do a search for that specifically.

autena said...

What a relief for you. And for us as well. Maybe you tried that advice and it worked? Sure made me guffaw (well, snort anyway) - the advice, not your medical issue.

Your first photo here took my breath away. Literally. But only for a moment. Just stunning.

As a woman of a certain age, I am so impressed at how you can remember where all your components came from.

Willow Studio said...

Welcome back to Makie-Land! (Your first necklaces on this post are truly gorgeous.) Glad you are feeling better and that it wasn't cancer. Really glad.

Anonymous said...

Marina, you rock! I too had a lump, just a fatty nodule but I did put myself in the grave before I had it checked /removed. Sometimes it's okay to be weak and scared, but of course you know that.
Your new pieces are too cool, you did it once again 😊

Fade and Remain said...

So glad you're on the road to feeling better and feeling normalish again!

Another commenter mentioned playing "spot the poly" and I do it too, so funny. Lately I've been into pink (weird, I am not a pink girl AT ALL) and that locket piece is so pretty with the right bit of dirty and just hits the spot for what I want to look at lately.

Also I just read that a cat develops a specific code of meows used between it and its human. The meows/uses of are unique to that cat alone and mean little to other cats or humans. So housecats are language inventors! Love it.

Vintajia Adornments said...

Very very pleased that your malaise was not the big C.
Have got quiet used to your more minimalist pieces when WHAM big, joyful and complex bursts onto my screen. Love it!