Earring Extravaganza!

Camelidae. Hammered Earrings.Camelidae.
I can't believe I made all of these yesterday.
Rubedo. Antique Silver Medals, Fine Quartz and Pyrite.Rubedo.
I used a bunch of these strand connectors I got at a jewelry supply in U.

Catacombs of Malta.They seem to organize things for me quite nicely, without me having to think too much.

Catacombs of Malta.Catacombs of Malta.
These earrings above are a collection of tiny, precious gold medals and bits.

A Cloud of Raindrops. Found Poetry and Chandelier Crystals.These were almost done before I left.

A Cloud of Raindrops. Found Poetry and Chandelier Crystals.A Cloud of Raindrops.

Qutn. Cotton Pearls Enamel Plates and Bone.Qutn.
These too are from before I left, but I got the spear-esque head pins in that same shop in U, which I'm psyched over, since they're they only things large enough to keep in these beads with they're unreasonably large holes..

Those Who Came from Heaven to Earth. Vintage Religious Medals and Jade.Those Who Came from Heaven to Earth.
These cylinders are jade, I think, from an artisan who put those cute tops on them. The stones cost more than the antiques most times.

Elizabeth. Religious Medals, Pyrite and Gold dipped Amethyst Druzy Slab.Like these stalactite amethyst slabs with druzy tips are dipped in gold.

Elizabeth. Religious Medals, Pyrite and Gold dipped Amethyst Druzy Slab.Elizabeth.
So since I wasn't shy about spending on these, I've priced them a bit high. I mean, for me they're high. But then I don't know. The ear wire here is sterling, the bits are precious, but the strand connector is some base metal, imported from Hong Kong or something.

Landschap. EarringsLandschap.
And yet I know this mix is aesthetically the best. I guess I worry that the person who would spend for fine and special bits would not approve of non-special bits.

Concussion Idiophones. Earrings.Concussion Idiophones.
Oh, these castanets are from my previous trip! I was very blocked on them and then was all "Duh! Earrings!"

Tooth and Nail. Earrings.Tooth and Nail. 
These tusks also came from that one supply store-aren't they cute? They're shell and resin, I think.

The Figa.   Wood and Horn Earrings.The Figa.
I think all the earrings are because I'm too overwhelmed to make anything else. Especially anything that involves a lot of unpacking.
Phew. I'm a makin' machine!


stregata said...

You're on a roll, girl! Wow!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Those gold dipped crystals!!! They KILL ME!