Oh I missed you guys! And I have such a redonkulous haul, y'all.
But first I know you wanna see a painting of my scary looking grandpa. He was a chemist.

This is his microscope.

In the bedroom, an ancient chandelier with a single compact fluorescent light bulb just for the post-modern contrast.
The exact same swings in the exact same park I played in over 30 years ago.

A bit the worse for wear.

Still stupid cute.

This total bizarre overly-important attitude. Like here, instead of 'women' they wrote 'feminine sector.' It sure is feminine, that sector.

Grandma w/her 8-day-old great grandbebeh.

Is this the caterpillar-est old rusty train you've ever seen? Wait... I'm lost here... I think I was planning on posting pictures of my haul, but I'm tossing in any ol' thing.

Me on the hunt with a cousin.

A new addition to the fam.

Me modeling a big ol' pancho. Not nearly the biggest we had though. Check out the crazy one-eye-bigger-than-the-other thing I'm doing here.

OK, I digress again. At least let me start with the street market pics.

So yeah, the 1st thing I was greeted with was this dog whose expression perfectly matched that man's.

Take me hooooome!

Could you die?
Gorgeous and so much more flavorful than here!  I wanna eat the picture.

There are so many stones everywhere you look.

And a turkey.

It reads "Grandma Carmen's Antiques." Too much!

Random theeeengs.

But then it was healed by more theengs.

My hubs took over camera duties and was quite pleased with this one.

There I am!

In my zone.

Here you can insert the drool gargle sound Homer Simpson makes after mumbling 'doughnuts'.

We found a little sale sample with our family name on it. 

Thats my adorable cousin Gabby cracking up behind me.

My hubs loves this one because of these two characters he captured.

I saw quite a few of these which were exactly the same as the one readbetweenlines sent me. Turns out they're all Brazilian good luck charms.

And then my brain exploded.

And the hours and moneys flew by as if in a dream.

Then it got ominously cloudy.

Then there were theeengs.

Then it rained the biggest drops of rain you could possibly imagine and everyone packed up and we got soaked while having to fight several groups of people for a cab. OK, not hand-to-hand combat but they kept walking ahead of us on the other side of the street so we'd walk ahead of them and soon we'd be at the next corner where more groups were hailing cabs so we had to keep going til we got lost. Well, I did. Hubs had special Uruguay-only GPS....
To be continued...


Spirited Earth said...

great photos..fun places..i want that dog..thanks for sharing these..

fancylinda said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had an eventful trip. I liked seeing all the photos. Thanks for sharing!

Little Brown Sparrow said...


I missed you so much. I hope you bought that caterpillar train home for me, I want to live in it!!!

stregata said...

Welcome home - so glad you are back!!!!!!!
OMG - I want to go flea marketing in Uruguay with you...

steufel said...

Great to have you back! And the flea market is spectacular. I so wanna go there:-)

Lisa said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! What an awesome trip. Thank so much for sharing.

carol said...

hi there
great to see you back.
wow.. love your photos.. what great stuff.. love the brazilian good luck charms..
sounds like you've had a really great time..

Corvid Delights said...

Yay! You are back! I have missed you, Etsy hasn't been the same with your absence. These photos are awesome. Those puppies are so cute!

betweenreader said...

Theengs, must have theengs. Slobber, slobber. So happy you are home! Next time you could take a tour group of theeng seekers. But that might be like telling the neighbors where your berry patch is! xoxo, readbetweenlines

richelle said...

I'll give you $5,000 for that little tin pony.

john said...

Nice Mar! Looks like you got your fill of old stuff.

john said...

btw, that was carm, not john

~Debi said...

My brain exploded just looking at the pics!