OMG-How awesome would it be to lead a flea-marketing excursion to Uruguay?? There's so much stuff that needs to be snapped up and made into stuff!!! I'm down readbetween!
Before haul porn- one more street market shot. If you ever become sociopathicly obsessed with chandelier parts, just go to Uruguay. Live the dream, you sociopath, you.

The smallest of these medals are the same diameter as a slice of uncooked rice. That was the only thing I could think to compare it to.

These are ancient trading cards depicting different queens. And the silver brooch on top was hand made by a prisoner. Like, during the military dictatorship-type prisoner, not a drug dealer-type prisoner. Yeah, there was a military dictatorship that the U.S. helped fund, it's a whole awful story and kinda why we ended up in the states.

Did I mention amethyst is coming out of people's ears in this place? It's everywhere. Here we have stalactite slices and some are edged in fine silver.  

These are aluminum but the thing on top and on the right are silver.

I got shitloads of silver. Like that fork is a very fine pure silver so it was a good few bucks though it is the length of my thumb pad. Is that a thing?

Lots of druzy everywhere, as you can see in these 2 sliced rocks. Which were keychains I removed the big key circle from. Got lots of key circles now. They were 3 bucks each. Some things were quite pricey though. I mean, for my cheap immigrant ass.

Also, tons of bronze. Bronze is the heaviest thing in the universe. Those links there, lined up like sardines? They go a good bit of weight to them.

Lots of people requested I bring things for them... I can't decide if I should offer some stuff up for sale here on my blog...? 

Just cuz I'm lazy and having to send  out packages for a couple bucks seems like a lotta work or something. I don't know. Oh, that pink thing is a lipstick and the round lensy thing is from binoculars. And back there is a pyrite cube that has an interesting chunk coming out but you can't see it.

Maybe I'll give away/sell the bigger salt shaker?

Won't I automatically only want to give away/sell the things I like less? Or think will be more work to incorporate?

A little bone saw, bronze key plate, medieval knight and box on with a dude jumping a fence on a horse is lightly etched.

A single musketeer and that same box opened. I actually got two of those.

In each were these stamps.

One is a B and one a Q.

A gaucho, one of many pins, a light escutcheon that would make a good earring if I could find something to pair it with.

One of waaaaay too many medals.

Look!!!! It says 'posey'. And a mini compass, broken wooden whistle and wreath stamping.

Little keyholes in bronze and rusty glass round and this super dramatic brooch showing the national shield and just one wing all 'ka-pow!'. 

Some cuties.

I don't even know what this thing is it's so tiny and cracktastic.

This little guy is an actual compass. Not for finding yourself, for making circles. It was actually, like, pricey for me. Which means $14 or something. And the rosary beads are nacre. 

I'm digging this odd, worn, red leather strap on this. And the round things in the upper right corner used to live on gourds we use to drink yerba mate. The gourds are the mate, the herb is the yerba. Robert drinks it everyday and forces coworkers to try it and stuff. He'll always try to convince me to have some because "today I made it so good!" Even though it's bitter and awful and always will be, damn him.

A string of bronze bells on a place mat sized swath of cowhide with the fur still on it! What oh what will it become?

I tried to take it easy on the keys but there were all these super odd primitive looking ones I couldn't resist.

Tiny saints in little vessels and a wee Alladin lamp.

An awesome length of woven leather, tiny worn-down buttons, a Brazilian figa hand, tiny silver lama picks.

There's the lipstick opened and a petite point button- meaning tiny cross-stitch embroidery is on it. Also, see the little bronze binoculars? I was playing around with this stuff when I tried to look through them on a whim. If you carefully focus an eye into either of the two.... eye-hole lens things, you will see an old nudie pic!!!! There's a different one in each! I screamed out in amazement when I made this discovery.

Is this not the ancientist? And the glass thing over it is a locket that unscrews and has 2 panes of glass so it's double-sided.

But as I was saying about the giving away/selling--- maybe I should offer it in lots so it would be more worth while for lazy me? But also, I can't remember who all was asking for stuff now...

Closed, this looks like a book, but the little address cards swing out from a hinge on the outer top.

Some door knob backplates.

And little plates I think I'll cut in half and make into earrings. My cousin was all "what are you gonna do with this shoe?" And I was all "Wear it as a nipple-cozy, duh. Put it on a necklace! What do you think?" 

Oh, rutilated quartz drops on silver and bits.

And these! And behind them- gorgeous suspenders!

And stuff!

Tiny lighter! It works!

And a horse foot!

And tinies!

The underside of the horse foot! It lost its shoe! And a big dome container thing!


Tons of heavy bronze hardware! Maybe I should sell these! Can't stop exclaiming! Exclamation points taking over!

Phew. Get a hold of yourself. These coins all have faces, except the puma thing.

And back there, a gold hand-made filigree bracelet. I mean, not just the bracelet handmade, the filigree itself- handmade from gold wires.

Black and gold stuff is always from Spain. That's right. Anything black and gold, even the covers of records from the 70s and your first sexy outfit for going out- all from Spain. Literal much?

This is the doorway to the old city. Just thought you should know. In case you get locked out of the old city of Montevideo, Uruguay, and don't realize its correlating wall is gone... 
I actually have more haul I haven't gotten around to photographing yet. Why is it so damned cold up in this bitch? I'm cold and all dizzy from travel and shit. And I have this stupid sarcastic tone that has taken over this blog which is starting to annoy even me, the source of said tone. See? "said tone"- ugh! How do you put up with me? 
Oh, crap.


NuminosityBeads said...

I'm a gonna explode with envy here!
Is there anything left!?
I'm booking a flight right now!!!!
xoxo Kim

Corvid Delights said...

Pure lust... that little horse foot, the keys, everything!!!! Sigh....this is an epic haul.

riv said...

Jealous BEYOND WORDS at this trip. These are the things I dream of running my hands over, poring through boxes of, sifting through, taking home. Lucky you!

stregata said...

Looks like you cleaned out every flea market in the country.... What a haul!!!!! Epic is the right word - thank you, Corvid.
Now I need theeengs - OMG - I just remembered - today is a flea market day - see you later...

Marin said...

No giving away/selling yet! Sometimes those odd challenging pieces turn out to be the best. Glad you had a good trip!

Deryn Mentock said...

Oh...I can hardly bear to look at your haul. Creative use for the shoe as a "nipple cozy" but it will make a great necklace element. :)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

IMMA DIE! Seriously, no fuckin way- you really do have to go to the old countries to get this shit. You can't find ANY of that here, no way known.

I need some of those things. I will convo you on the etsyland.