I thought I'd schedule a post to appear while I'm still in Virginia, since I did make a few last things I'm eager to share. So if you commented on the previous post, I can't respond yet because I haven't gotten to look at them yet.
 So This is a piece I was working on before I left for U. The round is from Sacred Cake and it has this fibrous antique Japanese paper over it sent to me by Sparrow Salvage. The black button is from Opulent oddities. The rhinestone button and woven leather cord is from U.
 As you can see, I'm really into this rustic leather. This dragon was also a gift from Sacred Cake!  I finished off the ends of this bracelet cuff by bending strips of brass sheet metal.
I showed you this compass in the U-haul. Here I danrkened it, matched it with some chain from missficklemedia and an antique pocket watch chain closure, with more woven cording. I like the fine delicate device with the thick masculine leather.

Speaking of which- this is a perfect example of using the rustic, masculine to tone down the ... maybe frivolousness of the baroque antique frame.

I don't know but I'm particularly proud of this big hammered closure and the ring its hooked on to. I found a bunch of cloth-covered electrical cording tucked behind some boxes at Abuela's house. I washed it twice but still got my hands all dirty when handling it so it will be getting a thick wax coating to seal it in.


Linda said...

I'm requesting a hold on that frivolous baroque antique frame braided leather bracelet!! Please, please let me purchase it!! (Hope you're doing okay. Hugs)

Jennifer Valentine said...

Lovely lovely things as always...nice to hear your voice again...
and thanks for acknowledging my meager contributions to your amazing-ness....I never would have imagined those things being so amazing at my own hands...
only your hands and your mind can do such amazing things like such.

Spirited Earth said...

i love these leather works..fabulous as always

~Debi said...

Awesome as always!