So to quickly distract you from that last post...
I been spaztically making, running around like a chicken with ADD (I'm so funny).
Girls are done.

Very wrappedy hook, with a gold ring for the hoop it hooks into. Tres Victorian tribal!

In the works.

A cuff from an escutcheon sent by Opulent Oddities. 1st I had to hammer it flat for an hour. Tonight Mr. Husband will help get it smooth around. 
A rainbow of fruit flavors. With jingle bells and shoe buttons and other charms along the chain that makes it adjustable.

And I'm experimenting with de-contrasting. I was always worried that things were blurry, so I was always making them extra contrast-y to look more defined. Now I realize less contrast gives more detail. Even a not-unpleasant haziness. I'll have to think on it.

Oh I even added some saints to the tiny heart locket in the rainbow piece. Folks never add pictures in their lockets, I think. At least not the tiny ones. Or do they? What do y'all think?

Here is this crazy mess. Tart tin, crystal quartz with pyrite in a rusty tin bezel-ish thing, half submerged in utee resin. The 'cord' is smokey quartz rondelles and a fine silver flat snake chain from Op.Od. And I know it's fine because it didn't react to the Novacan when I tried to oxidize it. At all. That means something is $pecial.

Here you can sorta see the image I added beneath. 

HEre you can see the Victorian tribal elements, including an indian mirror button.

On the back is an African dude who is apparently living and walking on the earth. I need to darken that tear mark.

Here's this.

I need to smooth out the surface color. This is why I go for just total oxidation and don't buff to show highlights. These specs of lightness that appear everywhere. Not cute. Oh, also old Uruguayan lock with a bit of Chinese label.

Warm color one. Indian beads I've waxed because I like to make things difficult on myself. Also it gives an antique look.

Here you can see a cathedral.
So I figure, why put them in the shop if I'm leaving Friday morning? Middle of the night Thursday, by my inner clock. So I'll get these up when I get back around. April 20th. I can't stay away form you for very long.


Claire Maunsell said...

Have a great time and DON'T stay away too long. REALLY...

Regina said...

Happy travels...

stregata said...

I love the piece with the nail... something about the circle and the straight bar.
Have a wonderful trip, find lots of treasures and come home safely!