Hello Boys and Girls!

Do ya wanna see something grody? Of course ya do!
There's my bruised up but very happy palm. I have no strength but great stretching and healing powers. Except for when it comes to colds.
Here on my wrist they left tape so I won't chew off my stitches, I think.

But I have things that are itching to be made.
 Like this one I'm thinking of naming 'Angel of Spheres' with a little description of this mathematician who got the closest thing to the Nobel Prize for math for describing spheres in 7 dimensions, among other things.

And whatever the hell this is.

And I'm wondering if I can mount these on something other than soldered book board, so as to save my hands from the trouble of soldering and stuff.
Also, I got some awesomeness from Sparrow. Like this paper sealed against pale green silk.


These oval beads that have the most glorious texture which I totally failed to capture.

This mystery here.

Earring bits! And the purple-ish stuff the bird fetishes are on is insanium in the cranium. Gorgeous.

Red velvet and strips of hippiness.
I've already incorporated a little blue scrap into this thing I'm sort of working on. Don't tell Mr. Husband, I'd get such a scolding! And it's ridiculous trying to work with wire and absolutely zero hand strength, so I stopped.
Oh, another thing. Why is it that when I list new things, I sell not only the new things, but also things that have been sitting around, unwanted, forever? Things that don't sell even when I re-list them? Does the new stuff make the old stuff somehow look shiny and new? Not that it's essential I understand these things.
I gotta eat something.


*Debi* said...

Glad to hear your surgery went well. I hope you heal quickly! :) The "Angel of Spheres" thingy is cool. I have no idea how long that kinda thing takes to heal, but do take it easy gal.

betweenreader said...

Now you be good and get healed! So happy to see your blog entry today. Thinking of you and those hands and wrists. Take it slow, your genius won't evaporate.

stregata said...

Glad to hear from you - and glad to know everything has gone well. You let those wrists heal. Itch is better than pain. The awesomeness you are going to make will still be there, when everything is healed.

steufel said...

Glad to hear that everything will be allright eventually!

AuntieAnnie said...

I had hand surgery and I tried to tell people it was a stigmata, but they would not believe me.

Please follow doctors instructions to the letter - your hands are yours for the rest of your life.

Courtney said...

Be good to you!