I was bad

Hey guess what? Yesterday I went nuts and made seven pairs of earrings and a necklace. It started with me having to go into my studio to wrap packages, and next thing I know its 3:30 am and I'm sitting on a pile of projects.
 Strangely my hands don't feel so bad, since I had been resting them and I heated them well overnight.

 More than anything it was my atrophied lower arm muscled that ached a bit.

Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow!

I haven't listed any of these yet, but hopefully by the end of the day...

 The day will never end, though. My surgery is at 6 am so I'll be getting up before 5, and last night I got to bed at 4.... You do the math.

I've been enjoying some asymmetrical earring-making. Don't these look like little owls? The piece on the left is a hinge!

This was a lid of a tin I've had forever. Really, it belonged to an ex but got tossed in with my stuff during the tumultuous move that led me back to Chicago, which in turn led to medical treatment, which in turn led to me being able to make jewelry in the 1st place! Yay tumultuous break-up!

Here you can better see how they were a lid of an old tobacco tin. I broke one of my own cardinal rules in choosing this odd rectangular shape.... See, I always encourage any jewelry-maker or artist that will listen to mess it up and not be scared of ruining a piece. You'll ruin it by not messing with it. Don't get attached to elements in their original, pristine condition. Sacrifice your original idea for the good of the piece! But, the shape of the above earrings is what it is just because it keeps the most amount of the lid possible. I feel like my sentences aren't making sense. That is, the earrings use as much of the lid as possible without cutting out any negative space as would have been the case had I used, say, this shape:
 Odd. Large Tin Earrings CUSTOM for Opulent Oddities.
 Ok, but the lid was so awesome I couldn't bring myself to do what I always preach! Damn!
Wow, am I ever tired of talking about that.

Also, I've been getting such sweet notes and comments and convos- thanks you guys. Of course Mr. Husband had to say, "They just wanna see new things!" Man, he's been spending way too much time with my family.


Corvid Delights said...

Everything here is pure eye candy! I like your musings about sacrifices when it comes to solidifying an idea. Your hubby is right in that I rejoice to see new things, but at the same time I love chatting to you about obscure Vietnamese mountain hill tribes, and ice cream. Sending you lots of love and good wishes for Monday's surgery. Lady you seriously rock even when injured.

Regina said...

Lots of good wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Vintage Venus said...

I also send you my best wishes for your surgery, and a speedy recovery. Courage!

jamberry_song said...

Gorgeous stuff! I'm loving the colors in these. And they say rules are meant to be broken, even your own, I suppose.

Hope the surgery went well! <3 Here's to a quick recovery!