Bits and Bobs

The Four Color Stages of Alchemy. Bright Dangles.
The Four Color Stages of Alchemy.
These are all from my Opulent Oddities box, except for the earwires, white hoops and some of the faceted Czech bits.
The Four Color Stages of Alchemy. Bright Dangles.But really, look at the color. And this color didn't freak me out at all. Go figure. ... Crap I think I slightly over de-saturated.... These were not intended as the post photos, but I figured what the hell.
I thought y'all might wanna see some of the goodies that came in the mail today. First the extremely creative readbetweenthelines sent these gorgeous scapulars:
As well as the religious beads and this amazing pin with these amazing charms that I'mna take apart and oxidize the living crapshits out of. Lemme tell you that the figa (hand) alone can be, like, $30 right there. Then, SalvageBeautyDesign contacted me for the first time ever to tell me she liked my tin earrings and to ask if she could send me some tin!
She sent me all these lovelies except for the big crystal in the tart tin- that's something I'm working on.
Then I got A box from Monto Fev which I hadn't visited in ages.
Lookit the little skates!

And I scored these babies by simply asking if they had any more plain Indian beads left. That is to say, I don't like the ones with all the mirrors and crap embedded in em. I think I'mna rub them w/my patented wax and dirt mixture. Oh, wait. It's not patented. 
Oh I also got these gargantuan gems for a song.

And that's that.


betweenreader said...

OMG GF, I am not certain I can take all that color! Get out the resin and tame it, I'd say. But then, you will make them beautiful however they come together. We are all in for a treat. XOXO, P.

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Awesome! Bits Bobs and some serious Boho Booty! Great score of supplies.

Marin said...


~Debi said...

Fantabulous mail day! :)