Two lovely blog posts featuring my oeuvre:
Here is a lovely post in the blog Artisan Jewelry featuring an ooold piece of mine called "The one that got away".  It reads in part:

...when I went back to the shop it had already gone. A little piece of me died that day, for I had truly madly deeply fallen in love with this incredible one of a kind treasure, and I missed my chance.! Every now and then, I return to the picture and gaze upon its beauty, smile wistfully in appreciation, before setting the image aside, squaring my shoulders and moving on.

Can you even stand it? I had never imagined such a sweet, kinda sad scene as someone looking wistfully at an old piece of mine. Especially cuz when I look at it all I feel is embarrassed about my liberal use of contrast increase. I dunno, I thought it looked cool...
The other post is by my etsy pal CorvidDelights. It's called Toys from the lost penny arcade and features these babies.
As for me, I've mostly been layin' low. If I get any lower, I'll have to start drilling... But yesterday I gave a test and today I had to go into work for an all day meeting and during this time I've started on these two sacred heart/milagro/ex voto. And that's all I got for now.


osiris jewellery said...

yes its the exposure that I loved so in this photo.... beautiful! xxk

Corvid Delights said...

Those ex votos are amazing, love the eyes....I feel that way about some of your pieces, like the earrings posted above....the ones that got away.

Lorelei Eurto said...

Love that red and white necklace! I love pieces with that graphic look- black and white- or red and white- my eye is drawn to it!!
Cool ribbon around the back!!!!
happy sunday!

Jennifer Valentine said...

ah.....yessssss........the ones that got away....my dear, I know all too well, that feeling.
visiting your "sold" section for those earrings that were surely mine, but then, quite soon, they were not.
What sweet sentiments about your work...
and my dear Fanci, you are so very deserving of every praise. As a person, and as an artist.