Shamefully Outed

Lol, you guys! Your last batch of comments made me feel like a movie star. And anonymous, I hardly ever wear jewelry!!! I'm too butch. Girly things feel like a sign of weakness somehow. I know! I'm weird! Mostly, though, I work with folks who grew up without electricity or running water so their view of aesthetics is pretty limited. I tried wearing some of my tamer stuff to class and they all stared at me like a dog going 'baroo?' It's embarrassing.
And Sparrow? I never thought cockles meant genitalia, you perv! But yeah, it is a much better story. I need to make up stuff like that for my listing narratives.

I got a specific request from CorvidDelights to take and post pictures of the stuff I made for my cousins when I see them in Uruguay.  I think she wants to out me as a closet cheese-ball.  What can I say, these charms are cute and easy and cheap. I was too cheap to even buy settings, gluing the cabs on whatever I could find.

"Oh, wow," said Mom, "Where'd you get all these little things?"
"Well, these charms and flowers come from factories in Hong Kong."
"But what about these little things? a skate.... a fan... a camera..."

The binoculars fold in half. Now come on! That's cute.
Check out the fluorescent one:Whoever gets this one might not be thrilled. If I wasn't lazy I might add a wash of white acrylic to the pinks....
I also got a buncha woodcuts from Porkchopshow for brooches:
And you know I'd always wanted an excuse to get me some of these. 
Easy peasy! Man my little 5 year old nephew said that the other day and I almost died from cute overdose. Wait, that's the name of a website. Cute shock? Acute cuteness toxicity?
Now I wish these had been out when I was gathering supplies:Wood Acrobats  Fly and be Free
(They look way bright next to my desaturated pictures, though.)


Flotsam Tide said...

Fanci, these are wonderful! Thanks for posting, I get a huge grin seeing your take on the floral cab. I love how the chains are a nice dark contrast to the flowers, it gives them a cool edge. Those bird pins are awesome! I'm gonna put in a request. :)

Flotsam Tide said...
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