I've taken all I can stand and I can't stands no more! So I got in there and made today. Yes, physical pain is bad, but so is psychological pain. OK, psychological discomfort. So, again, ignore the nighttime lighting and lets have a look-see.
Here's a drop from Opulent Oddities.

Some dangles and an old cuff I flattened from her, worn out faux pearls from SacredCake which I goldified. Even a tiny bullion applique from fancylinda. (And yeah, re your comment fancylinda, it's sorta like the story about the guy who ammasses a giant library then breaks his glasses- except also his eyes hurt so much he couldn't sleep and he couldn't get new glasses 'til May 10th and reading was his livelihood and also the more he waited for his new glasses, the more books he amassed -on line during the hours he wasn't sleeping- growing his reading project further, which made him feel panicky. Ahem. Yeah.) Oh the beaded plastic circle is from Opulent Oddities, as well. I rubbed it with gold alcohol ink, too.

Zoom out- it's a piece I'm working on for CorvidDelights. I got so many etsy friends! So yeah, the whole focal is from my giant box from Opulent Oddities.

Here, asymmetrical earrings made w/one button from SacredCake, one brass arabesque from jensjewels, glued on piece of MOP- a tiny button with the shank  clipped off to match the glorious large button. Then glass drops, Indonesian ceramic rounds for a touch of tribal and long copper ear wires. Stir and bake at 430 for 40 min. 
I mean, I seem to be telling y'all every ingredient...

Here's this guy still in the works.

Here's some wacky color partially inspired by the crazy grandma vibe I've been getting from a new etsy friend, lilyofthevally. These are also Op. Od. gift bits, topped with some Ghana glass beads from Soul of Somanya, which you can find in their etsy and also here. Wonderful fair trade beads. They were a gift, too! From the wonderful ShesSoWeird, who also got me the cotton pearls and bought her first item from me in June of '09. Which in internet time is eons ago.
Anywho, what do I mean by crazy grandma vibe? well:
reserved for my bud AFTERNOON TEA shabby rose necklace lilac vintage crochet teapot teacup hummingbird ooak one of a kind spring garden freshhereFRILLS shabby old pink flower earrings recycled reclaimed assemblage ooak one of a kindhere
FETCHING aged charm earrings vintage drops tulips sequin balls filigree ooak one of a kind shabby chic assemblage alteredThese are possibly my favorites. I'm digging all the plastic pastels. Makes me wanna get this:
Three Vintage Teapot  Window Shade PullsThough for my own sanity I'm stopping myself.
Oh, SacredCake got in on the crazy grandma, too:
Right here.


stregata said...

I am just loving the (un)matching earrings!!!

Spirited Earth said...

earrings love em..
necklace gorgous.
hope your are able to get your wrist pain free soon.

Corvid Delights said...

Crazy grandma rocks! I love my necklace, have the silliest grin on my face. xoxo!