Skye. Dark Dangles.
Thanks, guys, for the well-wishes and ideas. I did follow the idea of using the history of Scotties via wikipedia. Honestly I just though, what could possibly be interesting about Scotties? But of course, anything's history turns out to seem sort of romantic and mysterious in some way.
You may or may not have noticed but I've dropped the prices of quite a few items around the store. If you've been waiting for a sale, now's the time.
And richelle, I couldn't agree more. I shouldn't have waited. I've had tons of muscle loss which I feel every time I work the pliers, cutters, open a jar, pick up something mildly heavy, etc. I'm hoping to regain the muscle after the procedure. And I've had fat loss, so the insides of my wrists are so scary to look at - like I've had hemorrhaging or something else gross. Hopefully I'll be able to fatten my wrists as well...??? Meanwhile the only thing keeping me sane is the activity feed. So off I go.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I've tried various ways to fatten my skinny little 4 inch wrists for years. I don't think you can without fattening the body proportionately. Anyway, I wish you success with your procedure, and hope it means you can spend all the time you wish creating new pieces. Not being able to make jewelry for you must be like that story about the man who amasses an enormous collection of books and then breaks his glasses.

stregata said...

Have you had any luck on moving the surgery date?

richelle said...

I had really weird issues with the muscle and tissue too. I could do this thing where I made a really tight fist and flexed my wrist and--I don't even know how to describe what it looked like. It was a deformity. Think of Popeye's biceps only in hell. I did shiatsu and hardcore bodywork for a decade prior, so I had all this insane muscle compensation mixed with the weakened bands. One piece of advice--if you have to wait for your surgery and your pain is extreme, ask about getting cortisone injections. It was a *huge* relief while it lasted.

kirra springs said...

hi Marina - just letting you know that I blogged about your beautiful hippocampus necklace here: http://artisanjewellerysite.blogspot.com/2011/03/one-that-got-away.html

all the best with your poor hands! xx kirra