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I made some like these before. It was time for another pair.
Thaumaturge- A Worker of Marvels. Sterling and Tin Slice Earrings.World-Soul. Stitched Cuff with Brass Dragons.World-Soul.
Here's the brass piece SacredCake sent. Been a while since I made a cuff. There's 4 layers of fabric and I sewed each on separately because I'm nuts. This is all I've been doing the past couple days.
World-Soul. Stitched Cuff with Brass Dragons.Can't get a good picture of the whole thing, so I'm showing you the size reference pic.
Bodhisattva. RESERVED for ShesSoWeird.Bodhisattva. A regular who saw the haul specifically requested a necklace made from this cross. I even included the clip tied to the cross, curling it into a clasp.
I took the opportunity to try some oversized links I'd been thinking on. I think you'll have to mold them to your neck a bit in back, Linda.
Bodhisattva. RESERVED for ShesSoWeird.Lotsa hammering, very satisfying. The central focal looked like a Bodhisattva so that's what I named it. 


Flotsam Tide said...

That cuff is gorgeous. Love the colors and brass piece. Really nice....

stregata said...

Wonderful work, Fanci!

Linda said...

Perfecto!! Can't wait to get it!