Return of the Snotting Dead

My mom has mercifully given me some antibiotics (she's a doctor), but yesterday I was full-on flu zombie.
But here's some proof that I haven't just been sitting around feeling sorry for myself. 
I have been thinking of you, dear reader, and your eye-candy needs. 

Because if I fail to provide, you might go off to another dealer, and we can' have that. I guess. 

By the way, where the solder looks all 'swimmy' is me getting loose with the smudge tool, trying to cover up this white dust-stuff that I shoulda just rubbed off before taking shots. It happens when a lot of Novacan dries on metal. 

I know this one's weird. I didn't have the right sized glass and you know how I like to use the wrong supplies whenever possible...
And the reverse weird one with the pieces of microscope slide I McGuivered.

Also, notice the crazy bright primaries. Y'all know how much I love me some bright primaries! ... Do I even have to say 'not' here?
 Here's that white dust w/a minimum attempt at hiding.

Here it looks like a time lapse of a creek poster.
I even have a couple things ready to go-ish.

This one wasn't even soldered but rather folded into a makeshift tin bezel under a piece of plastic why not.

Oh all the previous have backs and lots I showed both sides and so now you proly think I made 2x as many as I did... which I should just shut up now.....

This guy has a back whynot.

<---Also, look at these glorious beads one of my lovely etsy friends/buyers sent. I know, I'd be jealous, too.

OK, now Imna go make packages. Oh, and eat!


Regina said...

Hope you get better soon. Love the eye candy, thank you.

fancylinda said...

Those are beautiful. I love the loopy top and bottom connector pieces. I can't wait to see them finished. Hurry up and get well!

stregata said...

Thank goodness your mom is a doctor - I don't suppose you would consider going to see one. Hope those antibiotics help real quick.
I admire your dedication to our eye candy cravings - you did good!
And those beads - jealous!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

About time! I was getting starved for candy over here, every day I go to your blog to be met with the same post. You have an obligation.

I love those loopy swirls you do. You're the only person I know that makes solder look like primitive cast iron, or liquorice. I love it.

Spirited Earth said...

gorgeous...even if there are primary colors involved ;-)
i love that bird on the back side fold over..but it would be difficult to choose a favorite they are all amazingly lovely.
hope the anitbiotics make you start feeling better.

Jennifer Valentine said...

SIGH....I love the loopy loops and I have a real thing for matchbooks. My grandfather collected them and when I was little I'd always dump them out and look at them all...every summer there were new matchbooks. when he died I got the huge "Sarah and Bob" snifter they were in, but alas, no match books....so since then, I have always wanted to refill the snifter with matchbooks...but maybe I should just buy a necklace instead. After I pay for the other two things on layaway of course....lol.
I'm such a fan of yours my dear. But then, i think you already know that!

Pretty Things said...

REALLY cool stuff.