Been making some special tin earrings for the legendary Opulent Oddities. These are just a few of the paper cut outs I made while obsessively looking for the perfect shape. 
This is the actual front.
 They come from a tin lid, the center of which held this lovely lady serving cake:
 I also made this wacky piece with an elephant, which I'll hopefully photograph tomorrow.
And this wingy gal:
I hope I can get them up tomorrow. I just need a bit of chill time. And my mom is taking me to get a phone. My old one fell and broke and I think she realizes that if she doesn't physically drag me to get a new one, she'll never be able to call me again.
Also, a student gave me a bottle of wine today. That was new.


stregata said...

Loving that winged piece!

Corvid Delights said...

Love that sweet little elephant.