New newy new.

Just feels like way too long, the amount of time it takes me to photograph and edit pictures.
But anywhoo, here they are.
The Name of God.The Name of God.
This is a plain ol' pinback button found in Uruguay which I've made a bezel for. The red bit on the clasp and the hand, the lisence and the bit of bling connecting it to the bezel are all from Opulent Oddities. Oh, and the clear bead. The bit of bling is actually from a ring I cut.The Name of God.Messenger.Messenger.
This was a cheap ol' round piece, I glued in an angel from the antique book of icons I use and filled it with UTEE.
I bought the scapular and gems on etsy. The bling bits are from Opulent Oddities. Again, deconstructed rings. I know, I'm all about them.
 Scapular.Qutn. Cotton Pearls and Bone Bits.Qutn.
Oh these are my favorite of the lot-
remember the cotton pearls I wrote about here? These are them! One of my bestest regulars, ShesSoWeird, bought them for me! I've combined them with tribal-ish bits and bone things, including brui seed and coyote teeth.
Qutn. Cotton Pearls and Bone Bits.Naranga. Indonesian Glass with Citrine and Carnelian.Naranga.
Oh and here I was experimenting with the cluster dangly style with gems and wrapping. A touch of tribal with the Indonesian beads, but not rustic enough for me. So they were an experiment, but not a new direction or anything.


Spirited Earth said...

love me some Naranga

stregata said...

Lots of new favorites here - Scapular is just awesome!

Caterina Giglio said...

wonderful pieces... love the scapular