So guess what? I'm in exactly 300 treasuries as of 3 days ago.  Thought I should mention that since its pretty amazing.
OK, I checked again. It's 302. What is this treasury fever everyone's got?
Aarti. Pyrite Smokey Quartz and Rhinestones.Aarti.
Got these up.
The Fight. Soldered Antique Label.The Fight.Maji. Double Sided Antique Label Pendant.Maji.
I got a comment from fancylinda asking where in the world I got antique Indian sequins from. So I poked around to find them again and, guess what? They're not antique!! I just hallucinated that. Oops. Brain farts. So I fixed the listing. And you can find them all here.
100 SEQUINS OVAL ...................GREYISH100 SEQUINS METALLIC....................BLACK AND SILVER100 sequins METALLIC...............GOLDEN AND BLACK100 SEQUINS ASSORTED 3
Have y'all been enjoying the new Activity Feed as much as I have? I love to see all my etsy buddies poking around. I see their little avatars, see their various tastes in the things they favorite and then get to check them out meself. Oh, happy times. Then I also like to see an item or two get favorited by a whole series of people, because it means a worthy etsian is getting some word-of-mouth promotion. word-of-mouth? image-of-eye? cycle-of-favoriting?
Right there! Proof that etsy is expanding human experience faster than the speed of language. Strange times to be a crafter, indeed.


stregata said...

'...expanding human experience faster than the speed of language.'
I like that, I like that a lot! I am going to have to keep that phrase...

fancylinda said...

Thanks for sharing the info about the sequins! That's very kind of you. And I have been enjoying the Etsy Circle Activity Feed thing too. It's fun to see what everyone favorites. I hope everyone is not sick of me favoriting 25 random items a day...