Hey Kids!

Would you like to see some random stuff from around my studio under crappy night lighting?
Sure you would!
Scapular and a chunk of ring.

Earring possibilities.

Red and clear/white.


Delicious stuff.

Buttony stuff.

<--Someone's already called dibs on this bit. That's allowed, y'all. If you see a bit you must have... I mean, must have in a piece I make, after I make it...


What's the plan with the taxi, you ask? I ask, too...

Pretty stuff.

And I have 3 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings to photograph tomorrow! If there's sun, that is.
It's 3 am now. Goodnight!


Courtney said...

I love stuff! Your stuff is wonderful.

~Debi said...

Awesome stuff. I love stuff :D

Corvid Delights said...

Delicious anticipation!!!

makeup_pro2000 said...

OMG!!!! Ok I am new on your BLOG, and all I can say is I am fascinated by your stuff, I mean you are absolutely AMAZING!!!!