Color Overdose.

I swear to Gah, any more color and I'll stab someone.

The Caravan. Antique Soldered Label.The Caravan.
Cuz as you can see, all I really know how to do with color is put like colors together.

The Caravan. Antique Soldered Label.
I'm soooo  much more confident in black and white.

Equestrianism. Label and Iolite.Equestrianism.
Oh, but check it- bitsy iolite gems in the wrappedy-dangle style.

Equestrianism. Label and Iolite.Which not only matched the label unexpectedly, but also turned out to be worth the bother. So maybe I'll do more of such.

Cobalt and the Miners. Choker.Cobalt and the Miners.
I found this guy in a ceramic pitcher- I had it up ages ago and it never sold. So I oxidized, re-arranged some bits- notice that it's all blue on blue, what a surprise.

Snow White. Tin Bezel and Matchbox Label.Snow White.
Cute? That crazy Turkish looking bauble was from SacredCake and I'm nutballs over it. With a birdy:

Snow White. Tin Bezel and Matchbox Label.
Less work to make than this guy, but priced rather higher-->The Brethren of Purity. Cuz girls love the pretty girl pictures. It's like we wanna be a pretty girl so we put pictures of pretty girls around our necks to absorb the pretty girl vibes and thus feel more like pretty girls. Or something.
Pricing is still a random mystery to me...


Jennifer Valentine said...

All so gorgeous...I get a huge kick out of seeing what you so with things I send...makes me smile really big.
and I'm having a crap day, so I appreciate it.

stregata said...

You know you like colour - and there is nothing wrong with monochromatic colour schemes.

Collage Cottage said...

Well, as for me I like your color very much. I think these are great!