Yeah Baby!

700 Sales!!! Uh-hu, that's right, uh-huh, I rock (say in obnoxious sing-song voice).
A Market of Fleas. Asymmetrical Coral and Turquoise Earrings.A Market of Fleas. 
And finally, some pieces are up. Phew.
Arabesque. Asymmetrical Earrings.Arabesque.
Seems sales are particularly slow if I don't post new things all the time.
Eye Teeth. Optical Lens Reliquary with Black Bits.Eye Teeth.
My hands don't hurt but it's because I've been heating them and not using them a lot.
Corvid Delights of EarthRooted FlightsCorvid Delights of EarthRooted Flights.
Oh, AND I now officially have a workshop of elves to help me out, sorta. The lovely ShesSoWeird is helping me come up with titles and post descriptions! (She had a hand in all of the above except for 'A Market of Fleas.')  And is glad to do so, despite the fact that my husband got all worried saying I had to give her credit in the shop cuz if not it's some kind of plagiarism. But I figure here is enough, cuz the shop has that minimalist vibe. Which these spazzy blog entries totally destroy. But the my real victim of plagiarization is Wikipedia, of course.


~Debi said...

Congrats on your 700 sales! Yay!

I'm glad your hands are feeling better. When is your surgery date? :)

Regina said...

Congratulations on your 700! You do rock!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 700 sales. That's a lot!

Unknown said...

Just back in bloggy land & had to say a big congrats! It's nice to see such an awesome shop well-appreciated. I'm sorry about your hands & hope you have luck moving up your appointment. Here's to that, and to your next 700 [lifting my coffee mug]!