From Cali with Love.

Or maybe not love expressly and I'm deluding myself.

Pix in the Ca-ri-fo-ni-a sun by Karen of Artebellasurplus(For some reason I wanted to write California the way my Japanese students used to pronounce it. I love accents.)

OK, but look at the detail.

And yes I'm so obsessed with light that I even brightened these.

Can you tell she's used to taking close-ups of beads?

But also she sent me 58 images of each thing so I've been here picking pictures to just throw away for the last 5 hours and it's painful. Unfair.

I'm thinking maybe I should just go outside in the cold to photo...

Cuz now she has to send everything back...

Look at that detail! Texture! Pizza-bearing unicorns!

OK, this one is just sunlight porn.

I just sungasmed, guize.

But check out the delicate little necklaces I'm making. Squee!

Irridescent Kathyhaul ammonite. Did you know the name "ammonite" was inspired by their resemblance to coiled ram's horns? Pliny the Elder (d. 79 AD Pompeii) called these ammonis cornua, "horns of Ammon," after the Egyptian god who wore ram's horns. Yup. In related news, I donated to wikipedia today.

Also Scorched Earth dagger and amethyst from my tute.
Maybe I need to dial down the saturation.
 One pendant from 4ophelia and another from stillpointworks.

 So lemme tell you about these pendants. I took all the thimbles from Kathyhaul and all the big crystals I had- the rainbow titanium ones from patroness and clear ones I had, and basically went to town.

I layered lampwork and Roman glass on top.

 I added soldering to the top wrap.
And on most of these also added some of my epoxy putty/gold leaf elixir.
Jayzus how many of these did I make?

But they were lots of fun and I love thimbles as bezel cups.
Look how short this one looks above vs. how long below. Hu.
 I think they make good talisman/amulets, though of course the import of a thing is up to the wearer.
This one is taking a nap on his ruler.
This one hung itself from despair. I'll stop. 
But I'm thinking 45-49 for these or something... Or you can just come to my house and demand them from me and if you're entertaining enough I just might give you one.
I made all dis. I do proud dance.

OMG, lookit all the stuff I listed though.
The Paralians. Rustic assemblage art necklace with antique photo.A Love Song. Assemblage art necklace with gemstones and matchbook label.Acosmist. Cosmic rustic Victorian tribal assemblage iridescent gold leaf  necklace.
   The Paralians.                              A Love Song.                          Acosmist.
Hearken.  Cosmic Spiritual Gold Leaf and Resin Cuff.Revelation. Resin in Gold Recycled Bezels with Leather Hoops. Gypsy Bollywood Earrings.Phantasmagoria. Rustic Bohemian asymmetrical assemblage earrings with gold leaf druzy.
      Hearken.                                Revelation.                           Phantasmagoria.
Sabaism. Cosmic rustic victorian tribal assemblage earrings with  bone game pieces, shaft buttons, gold leafed star moon.Your Astonishing Light. Cosmic rustic Victorian tribal assemblage iridescent blue necklace with geisha.Miracles. Cosmic rustic assemblage earrings with carved bone and gold leafed tin.
       Sabaism.                             Your Astonishing Light.                     Miracles.     
     Warrior Woman. Cosmic rustic Victorian tribal assemblage iridescent necklace.
        Warrior Woman.
All this blogging is exhausting work:

Now look at the fancifuldevices drawer my awesome buyer and bud Lynn shared
She even keeps all the paper I wrap things in to line it with.

Finally, an otherworldly animation.

I feel a sudden need to eat yogurt.


Jiorji said...

those pictures!! they're just so..........i mean........i was really excited to see how she'd photograph them and i'm very pleased with all this photo porn :D

Unknown said...

The drawer is a knock out. Down for the count. Lynn also has a pair of Mont Blanc pens worth close to a couple thousand. Squueeeeeeeee!! Love your work always always always. Norma, x

Lucie Tales said...

I love these thimbles and crystals!! Brilliant combination!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, especially the first earring ones- all the details, just so gorge. Loving the thimble talismans too.

StaroftheEast said...

The pictures are very nice, but it doesn't seem doable all the time.
What you really need is to find a photographer that comes to your house and teach you to use what you have.
There are more jewelry makers in Chicago, that make very decent pictures, so it is not the weather, hon, it is you! :)

Anvil Artifacts said...

Wow....These photos are fantastic! Nice to see all the interesting details and colors of your work so clearly. Great new goodies. Drooling over the shoe buckle bracelet

Penelope said...

I take good pictures too... *kicks dirt* But these are inspiring me to try harder, I have become lazy; these pics are lovers re-educating me in the art of seduction...

But this is what I try to say! You gotta get close to the piece, low angles, close close close. Intimate close. Seriously is CA light really different to Chicago light? i have a hard time believing light is different in different places, even though I have experienced it. It doesn't make sense! It's all the SAME ball of fire in the sky!

Also that bracelet with the amethyst...I might need that. Even if I never wear it. Maybe I just need a poster sized print of that pic.

TesoriTrovati said...

Bead porn is the best kind and Artebella really knows how to do it right. I iz a droolin' fool!
And those thimbles! They are wrocking my world. (yes, with a 'w' because that is how my fat fingers wroll ;-) I have to get back to your awesome tute on this so that I can play and make more because the first bracelet I created with your technique was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Enjoy the day, Miss Fanci! Erin

Beatnheart said...

even though the pictures are just lovely and yes Sparrow California is Fookin FAmous for its magical light...just like you know south of France where all the art teests moved to just because of it...

i find the pics rather unfamilar and not you...I have been lookin at your pics, staring at them, studing them in detail and I am used to them...they are you...you are selling like mad so why fook up a good thang. it's not like you make crappy pics...I live in Kalifornia, and the light can be too harsh sometimes...and I have been struggling with pics for , well since I started...so...
it seems like a pain in the ass to ship your stuff, have someone else pic them and then she sends back...two chances of loss or worse....just my two cents worth...I always thought your pics grand...If you are not happy i agree find a Chi town bitch to take em for you..
yes, i two love the thimble things...i have done that myself, so if you see em i didn't copy you, just someone else...

have been studing your tute which is just fab...big type, well thought out and presented...just gotta get the courage to do it....as with everything...

last week of my class....teach actually wants me back...well of course i am so fabulous and my energy fills the room with good vibes and such...but i think i'll spend the bucks on my own torch and tools, i'll miss those cute young guys and the lovely young girls who i dish out my advice me being a "woman of the world" but ya can't have it all...also the french frys in the cafeteria were pretty dang good too...but i'm gonna take Choir next semester and see what kind of damage i can do in there....

beadybaby said...

I'm not sure what I'm missing, but I like your photos better...FWIW

JLou said...

1) Your new stuff is lovely 2) photos are terrific, but only makes sense if are they worth the price/hassle of the 'improvement' (?) in the end 3) this is funny:

dawn said...

Stunning.....all of it :)

Unknown said...

I want the first thimble pendant. Thimbles are very sacred to be - my grandmother from Russia always wore them...and crystals - well, it's just my thing. Post it for me please.


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