little post

So last two days I've been feeling somewhat better and it's just led to mad makages.

But then I realized I was all stressed thinking of all the photos I had to take.

I decided I'm just gonna do a series of mini posts every couple days to catch up and not stress out so damned much.

Or end up on an 8-hour photoshop marathon driving myself crazy blurring out lint and bits of shine until I'm hallucinating.

Oh I have news!

In June I'm going to Uruguay. Hadn't said anything because I thought there was more time between April and June somehow.

That's why they call me No-Temporal-Sense Rios.

Also y'all- polymer is hard. You have to put hours into it to make it interesting and still then people sell the beads for next to nothing so.

Don't think I got it all figured out. I just keep on messing with stuff because I'm never satisfied and it's easier than moving from where I'm sitting.

Oh my god, that's the secret to my success- my stationary nature!

Y'all think I'm kidding.

Guess this wasn't such a short post after all.

I realize I might have given the impression last post that there was snot and influenza all over my breads. That is not the case.

I wash my hands so much I have to sleep in gloves with moisturizer in them sometimes. Just so you know.

I had to break for some kitteh rejection.
If you want this and a buncha stupid shit that made me chortle, you can go look at my tumblr I guess.
Oh look! More earrings by Emmanuelle using my beads!hereAnd here
 So, when my mom hears I've blogged she rushes to her iphone, looks it up and scrolls right down to the end to see if there's a cute gif.
 So here's another one for Mom.


Unknown said...

Wow, so many lovely pieces there!
How do you get your oval tins to be so.. oval? Smooth?
Mine always look more ragged. I like the look, though. I like both. I'm babbling!

Thanks for showing my earrings... you're a doll.

Unknown said...

What - what - only one comment. NO, say it can't be so. Marina's the queena so everyone needs to get those fingers moving folks. Love the new earrings, I'd love a pair but we are saving for surgery for our puppy. You'll have more and I am patient. Go Queen of ears go!

Beatnheart said...

to make polymer beautiful takes a lot of steps...
i go through at least 5 steps to get it to look right ...
so thanks for mentioning that...

you new layered pieces are beautiful...