thingedy thang thangs

As my uni visit gets closer, my procrastination gets even fancier.

Here's ten million caps.
Plus I'm trying out interference powders, instead of paints. Dunno if there's any difference.
 So I've learned beads don't get re-pinned as much as finished jewelry does on pinterest. Proly doesn't matter. Or I haven't been discovered by bead pinners yet. Or no one loves me I guess would be the other option.

Someone asked about this wire. Its actually a buncha bangles from ebay. Looked like this sorta: 

As you can see I got a real ladyboner for twirly wire on this batch. I might have to chill with that.
Showed y'all these a while ago but they were so crazy thin. So I thickened them with a layer of translucent liquid polymer within to strengthen them up a bit.

Look at these big mamajamas.
And do you see how the one in the bottom is different? Like not as sharp on the details? Its encased in a layer of liquid polymer as well. Cuz reasons.

Here's a different big momma set. Marmoset.

These rings have wire in the core, then polymer. Then I grabbed a bunch of headpins and used them to poke a texture. This is translucent clay, which gives it that grey milky look. I then dry brushed some black acrylic for texture then brushed on some interference blue powder and sealed. And then added a random tiny gold leaf tag cuz reasons.

So lots of the texture in this set was also individually poked with wire or a pen.

Texture porn. Don't know why I went with so many hand shots. Thought it might help with size reference but actually my hands seem to make the beads look tiny. And I have smallish hands. Something about macro, idk.
The wheel is certainly one of my go-to shapes.
And the set below I decided to throw in this lucite flower. I seem to like including one misfit item into each set.
 So my Mom was reading news on her phone and it said they caught the teen that defaced 12 statues. And mom read 'defaced' as 'defecated,' cuz that's my mom. Then she was watching the news and saw they mentioned that same arrest but in this case they said he graffitied 12 statues. Mom thought to herself that they were just too delicate to mention the poo. When she looked back at her phone and realized her mistake she laughed so hard she scared the cat. So she's telling me this and I reminded her of the time when I was little when I explained to her what it meant to moon someone. She was sorta traumatized by this cuz it stayed with her. That summer when we rented a houseboat we were going by a sign that said "No mooring on this pier" and she goes, "Does that mean you can't poo here?"
Ok, catching up on comment questions I forgot to address: no, Mom doesn't have a new kitty yet because we have to wait til the spring batch is in. The spring kitty harvest. Cuz apparently cats don't reproduce in the dead of winter, they're clever that way. And we can't get a grown cat or Chiquita will attack it. But we've been to the shelter and ... don't wanna talk about it.
Also someone asked if this is a cap or an imprint. It's an imprint directly on the polymer.
Das all, bai.


Unknown said...

All the colors of these beads are fantastic. By the way i'm pinning some of them. Love ya.

mavis said...

so gorgeous! i love all the textures...

shelly said...

Love to hear stories about your mama. I miss mine so much. We usedto have wicked laughter when she was here. I don' t laugh as much since she passed. Enjoy your mom!! She sounds precious.

Mardi said...

I am still awestruck at how you picked this up and made magic with PMC from the start. I am IMPRESSED!

Miss R said...

stop being so prolific! actually the first time i typed that i typed "profaliptic" which is actually way better.

the color mix on the first and set above the bouncing llama is lovely. what is "interference powders?" aside from pure voodoo magic, of course.

Unknown said...

those rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how cool, dude. love all the bue-y ones, but that's also because I'm a blue fanatic :)
awesome job xx

Kathy McElroy said...

I love your work and enjoy reading your process. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

My fav's are the first picture, I love the soft peach and blue. I also love the colored wire you used from the bangles you got from ebay.
When you say interface powders, are you talking about the PEARLS, interface powders. Because I use those and love them. The interface means it blocks out partial colors with light so you get dual or more colors, right?
CAn anyone tell me what to use for crackling? I got some ranger crackle inky paints and they are terrible, either a huge crackle that is too big for jewelry or even paper crafting or it is so small you don't even see the cracks. So....is there a better product? As usual, love the works, and love the pics at the end, precious. You give me courage to try what is in my head that I used to be afraid of, love that.