Wait, what was I saying?
I love this stupid little Victorianrocketship building it's the central antenna of all things Uruguay to me.
Oh, hai!!! How you all been? I so missed my lovely blog ladies always telling me how awesome I am, I swear I'm such a validation whore.
Random street veg. 
What have you been up to, same old? Me? Oh I just went to another hemisphere is all.... 
Here's a dude.
 I swear the biggest revelation of this trip has been that if you're ever feeling like such shit you're sure you need to go to the doctor just for a total system overhaul...
(Am I just stealing pix of the web cuz I'm too lazy to find my own? No... what? What makes you say that?)
...turns out what you need to do is trudge your ass across the city and just walk for three hours until you're all better. You'll be better in like two hours so the third is just to make sure or something? Ok, walk at a brisk pace and you'll only need two and you can go back to sitting on your flat ass in front of your computer sooner.
Like here's a picture of me just hanging out doing typical Uruguayan things. Exercising, you know.
I know people always say exercise will make you feel better and I've exercised just never actually personally experienced feeling better from it. Usually just grumpier and more tired.
My grungy little country.
Also after playing with my cousin's ipad I realized my computer is a decade out of date and I'm asking for an ipad for my 40th B-day coming up in August (!!!!) cuz this is ridic. And also cuz I'm still a baby who asks her parents for birthday gifts she's too lazy to get herself. Soon I'll be glued to you guys and all my fave time-sucks 24/7 and it'll be awesome. Um. I'm sure there's more to report but... idk.... I need to brush my teeth now. With my fancy electric toothbrush!!!
Oh also my little country's idol and hero is some kind of vampire:(link)
You know, World Cup things...


Anonymous said...

Yay Uruguay! Enjoying watching them do well, even blood-thirsty Suarez. This is the Cup for underdogs.
Hey- nice costume.
Welcome back!!

Jiorji said...

oh good. you're back. you haven't been eaten by zombies.

uhhh yeah.........that was my uber lame Suarez joke.

so much clouds and rain my brain just can't even. CAN'T EVEN!!

that is all.

Alessandra said...

LOL, Welcome back Marina, your blog always makes me giggle... I have to go to Europe every friggin' week for my job...I feel like a used mop when I get back, but it's fun, after all.
mmm...I should start sharing pics of where I go on my blog...yours inspires me...

Uruguay is beautimous btw, I really need to make it down there one of these days...I hope you'll share pics of you goodies, I'm so curious.

Italy sucked this year and went home...I'm so upset with my team! They've been sucking for the past decade and 1/2...sheesh!

Well I hope Uruguay wins now...
Thanks for sharing your trip.

Vintajia Adornments said...

Welcome Back!! We are all hanging out so..... showusyastash

Heidi said...

ha! good to have you back in the fold, can't wait to hear of your adventures. While you were gone I expanded my journey of sites I visit but I must admit reading yours brings me much joy. so go away, have fun and welcome back.

CraftyHope said...

Glad you're back, hoping you had fun and have gotten some rest.