SO MANY THEEEENGS (and 3 giveaways!!)

Yes, Jorji I'm bundled up because remember how different hemispheres are in different seasons? So its winter down south!
See it sez "I heart my hood" but my hood is actually:Because the street fair is named Tristan Narvaja after that street. Which is named after some dude. (Who ever remembers who these guys even are that we name so many streets after? Like who the hell was Main anyways? Sorry, that was awful.) (And another thing about my bundling up, even though the temperature is something like 55ºF /13 ºC, there's something called the Frio Humedo- wet cold- that fucking makes your bones cold. It's soooo much colder than it should be and I'll never make fun of Uruguayans for bitching about the cold ever again.)

Enough of my goofy mug.
Even this to' up hanky Imna use for something. 
So much stuuuuf.

So here's yr damned eye candy I've spent all day photoing and editing even tho I have a billion other things I should be doing.

←One of my splurges ($22) because I have no self-control.

I think those are teeny glass drums? And I got 2 of these thin frames that I might cut in half for earrings. 
That bottle upper left was free! It was a bit smushed, easily fixed.
And you can see the edges have come apart. Soder'll fix her right up. Makes me wanna start making little metal bottles, actually.

And here's the little bird, missing a bit of ivory detail that came off the tail. Easy fix.

Hexagonal coins smaller than a dime, for earrings.
I'll certainly pop that gold crap out of that drool-inducing frame.
All these medals...
Happen to have gorgeous backs as well. The one lower right actually is gorgeous because it somehow developed an entire rainbow-titanium finish all by its lonesome, though you can't see it here.
Let's check the details, hm?

I'm in love with the back of this, how they made prongs with some clever cuts.

This artisan-made single earring looks like a bunch of random parts joined- easily unjoined for, you know, random parts.
Someone put a teeny arrow stamping in a figa hand. Squeeee. 
More tiny hexagonal coins for earrings. The coin upper left has this elaborate connector- part of a medal I think. Perfect for a thick cut-tin clasp for a bracelet.
Before we continue with the eye-candy, some bidness. New listings of a zillion things I had waiting for me when I got back:
Faux Ancients in Ivory/Amber/Bone. Polymer clay artisan SMALL wheel beads.Rocket Kids beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.Krishna beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.
Faux Ancients                                 Rocket Kids beach glass charm         Krishna beach glass charm

Grungy Virgin beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.Communion beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.Pop Drama beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.
Grungy Virgin                                       Communion                                   Pop Drama

India  beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.Clever  beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.Faux Ancients in Ivory/Amber/Bone. Polymer clay artisan wheel beads.
India                                                         Clever                                            Faux Ancients 

Faux Ancients in Ivory/Amber/Bone. Polymer clay artisan wheel beads.Glimmering Gnome Caps. Polymer clay art beads, faceted iridescent in lilac grey.Dark Crackle Babies, earring pair. Polymer clay artisan beads with gold glitter shards and crackling effect.
Faux Ancients                                   Glimmering Gnome Caps.                Dark Crackle Babies, 

Blue Crackle Babies, earring pair. Polymer clay artisan beads with gold glitter shards and crackling effect. Crackle Baby Trio. Polymer clay artisan beads with gold glitter shards and crackling effect.
Blue Crackle Babies                                Crackle Baby Trio.
This isn't even a third of it. Goddamnit.
So I'm thinking since I'm back I should celebrate with either a giveaway or a shop sale?
Glowing Bud. Layered hebron bead assemblage ring with pyrite,  gold leaf and found metal.
Let's start with a giveaway!
I'll make it good- three different prizes. And all y'all who can't afford my stuff, here's your chance.

Found metal and Hebron bead ring with inverted pyrite drop and gold leafed tin. Adjustable.

Pirate Queen. Victorian Tribal bead strand hairpins with lampwork, pyrite, yak bone, rustic gypsy antique vintage.
Hair pins made of all kinds of antique and artisan treasure.

Just leave a comment if you want it.The Earthly Ones. Asymmetrical rustic  raku lampwork assemblage earrings.
Really awesome tiny asymmetrical earrings.

All this blogging got me wore out, as Mr. Devices would say. To which I can't stop myself from yelling, "WORN out! It's worn not wore! Were you raised by wolves?" .... Which any linguist would tisk at- he's just displaying local color.
*wanders away still mumbling to self*


jeannie said...

oooohhhhhhhh a give-a-way!!!! Love the hair pins!!!!

Melody said...

Woohoo! Love those dangly hairpins!

Unknown said...

I want, I want, I want, I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
k, I think I made myself clear...love all!

Btw...the stash is awesome and the mural...
you weren't kiddin' when you said there a bunch of Italian stuff down there...I spotted at least three medals that bear old Italian phrases & such....

darlene said...

oh dear fanci. writing this in the dark because a sphynx moth just flew in and we're trying to get it out. pray for it. forrest is calling it mothra. we just did a Godzilla from 1950 something and he's hooked. lol

Loralee said...

I am an earring freak and would love to own a pair of yours!!!!! I just snagged two of your amazing tumbled glass pendants…soooo excited!!

La Fileuse said...

My long wild hair are calling for some lovely hairpins! :) You came back with so much supplies… I love all the tiny bits !

Emmanuelle said...

wore out? looool!!!!!! I would react just the same.

Awesome haul! So envious. Me want. All of it.
love all the little coins.. can't wait to see them on earrings!

Juliette said...

Missed you, but damn it's good to see all this eye candy! XOXO

Vintajia Adornments said...

I keep going back and looking at all the leetle theeengs and keep finding something new. Definitely a binge of supply porn.
(Recon I could rock the ring)

Tanya said...

Those are some amazing finds. It will be fun to see what you do with everything. The hairpins are totally amazng .. My hair is standing on end. :)

Unknown said...

Earrings, hairpins - you're making my heart flutter...I was wearing my chic thimble pendant today to the movie and hoping there'd be eye candy when I got home. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Wooo!! BootAAy! Exciting treasures!!!!
Yes please on the earrings, hairpins...
& in the pic with Cupid's arm holding arrow- I'm slapped awake by the musical instrument next to it: & how to make one- complete with strings, string mount, using a stone disc...? Would love to see the side/back of that to see how to make one with maybe a donut cut stone...? VERY cool finds!!!

betweenreader said...

From amongst the droves of drooling fans, my teeny leetle voice pipes up, ahem. I would love that ring, or the small earrings. I am small, and my hair is small and the hair danglies would have no anchor, but I do have ears and fingers! Sqeek, squeek.

shelly said...

wondered what you would bring back! everything you got is awesome... i would love to win something you have made!

Unknown said...

Love the photos and would love to win anything made by you!

Susan Swan said...

Love all the little pretty/odd/amazing thingys you brought back the fab coins and medals. Will be fun to see what you do with it all. Would love, love, love something of yours ... anything...

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina! LOVE your trips home because it's like we get to see the real Uruguay & your hauls home are so epic. The red hand with the arrow was perfection!
Throwing my name in the hat for some hairpins....they will be put to good use.


Penelope said...

OMG OMG OMFGGGG that redddddd figa! Look at ittt with the little arrow. UGH. I want to buy it, just as it is- name your price and convo me! NOW DAMMIT! Also that little lion face medallion is so cute ans so well defined with his kitty nose and big kitten eyes.

mankybones said...

Oh my godz! Love the little lute and guitar. So many things that can come from those lovely little gnarly coral pieces. The arms are just Yumsville!

Chris said...

Giveaway still open? Maybe? Anyway, so glad you are back, love seeing stuff and new pieces. Happy July!

Unknown said...

I know the giveaway is over but still wanted to say , more insane shit! I am crazy for the little brooch with the man with the big moustache! Aloha, angi in hana

CraftyHope said...

Duuuuuuddddeeee. . .more theeengs to die for. so jelly! Have fun with all that. :)