Picture Book Interlude

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So these books are monsters- 12x14"
There's these little index pix that will actually make sweet mini shrines.

And all kinds of things to make resin charms of.

Or use as decoupage?

Or friggin' stick on my wall for chrissakes, they're So Good.

This one is chock-full of little faces that I can make into earring pairs. You always want them facing each other, see?

They're not all religious, these are just the ones that pop on this blerg format, feel me?

I also got these four mini books I already took apart. There were so many books! 

People sell them on the street just like they do all other old things. Tons of tattered book lined up on tables, it's lovely.

Here's some really small images from the mini books.

Of course the books cost just a couple bucks each.

And many would be horrified to see me tear them up, though once they see all the stuff Imna make they'd shut their pie holes.
Of course the reason for these picturesque market scenes is that rents and bills are super high in Uruguay and incomes are stupid low. It's hard to imagine how people survive sometimes. Every year we come upon a street seller who tells us how they were living in the US and had to come back for some family biz and how they're going right back asap, etc. Then they sit back and keep chatting with their neighbor, drinking their maté and just having a chill life, dreaming of going back to shoveling snow in New Jersey ... idk....

Jeebus' eyeballs are too big for his head here.

I got this book about artists following in the steps of Torres Garcia, Uruguay's most famousest artist.

Inside which all kinds of grungy loveliness can be found.

This one isn't for makies, it's just for me to drool over.

And omg- artists in Uruguay are broke as fuck! And there so deserving of, like, not being broke...

Look at this little object from, yeah we're still looking at that same book.

Hello cuteness!

Finally I got this book on contemporary art in Montevideo, the capital.

So much goodness!

Though most of it is not coming across in my pix so ...

Oh I love this one because it makes me think of a rickety old tv among precarious tables and shelves while also looking like a fantastical building. Really just more different kinds of grungy wonderfulness. Why do I love all things grungy so damned much? Because there's none of that here probly.
Oh I also gots new stuff listed...
Ultri Cosmi beach glass earring pair with solder and alchemy ephemera.Joseph and Mary beach glass earring pair with solder and ephemera.Lady beach glass charm with solder and ephemera.
Ultri Cosmi                                  Joseph and Mary                       Lady

And then a bunch that sold:
Shimmer beach glass earring pair with solder and flash. Faux Roman glass.Shimmer beach glass earring pair with solder and flash. Faux Roman glass.Shimmer beach glass earring pair with solder and flash. Faux Roman glass.Shimmer beach glass charm pair with solder and flash. Faux Roman glass.Wise Men beach glass earring pair with solder and ephemera.Flower beach glass charm pair with solder and ephemera.Shimmer beach glass charm pair with solder and flash.
I should clearly stick to making shimmery bead pairs of these as they really flew off the shelves. Unlike everything else... Dudes- what am I gonna do with all these billions of medals I got?


Vintajia Adornments said...

while I have no problems hacking up most stuff, would have to have a very stern chat with myself to cut up a book.
These are glorious!

betweenreader said...

Shimmery resin pairs are making my mouth water. And then there's that greenish Christ baby that will do something crazy wonderful, too! Theengs abide.

Unknown said...

Those books are simply drool worthy and you are right - you'd never find that here in the states. Well, not easily.

Loralee said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh your work makes my heart sing. I missed the Roman Glass earring pairs (damn you sleep)…perhaps you'll make more? O_O **down on my knees, beggin' you plezz **

Unknown said...

I love this collection of bookies, I especially love the ying yang like image of M.M. , it's just awesome. I find keeping favorite artists books around very inspiring, so good job in finding those.
I'll be going to Milan for work on the 3rd...I'm supposed to visit a Bohemian district while there for a day, wish me luck finding something cool ;)

Anvil Artifacts said...

Always a treat to see what you do with your Urahaul. Those picture earring pairs are fantastic. You've been making some great components. Those creative juices continue to flow like a raging river no matter which direction you take them.

maria said...

primaaaa me encanta ver las fotos que pones, haces que la ciudad parezca fant√°stica desde tu perspectiva.
besos babosos

Wendy B. said...

I am smitten with the round metal medal(?)with the two nudes on it and a tree with the lady ....so you could do NOTHING with most of your medals and still have my attention. I love how cool they,are as a collection. Most of us dont go to uruguay or south america...so what they have, and you bring back is EXOTICA.
My eyes are tired from all the popping over your new but old yummy delights. Xow.