Aforementioned storm of making

This is just the ol' iceberg tip.
Garden of Endless Sleep . Rustic assemblage earrings painted floral plates and porcelain art drops.
Garden of Endless Sleep .
I'm working on a batch of ten million resin charms and ten million soldered beach glass charms cuz those flew off the shelves.
The Lightless Sector. Iridescent cosmic rustic assemblage earrings.
The Lightless Sector.
But yeah I kept some of them for myself to play. Don't fret, more's on the way.
Folly or Felicity. Rustic assemblage earrings. Polymer art beads and antique coral.
Folly or Felicity.
betweenreader wrote: "Oh I am dancing around in a frenzied celebration! I get the ring, yikes, wow, whoopie, triple dipple, carried by sppeding taxi cabs."
As I was reading that my eyes glazed over and I read something like, "yikes, woops, wobble..." and I thought you were going to describe yourself crashing onto your floor and bleeding from an unco-ordinated victory dance. That amused me.
Mischief or Malice. Rustic assemblage earrings. Polymer art beads and antique coral.
Mischief or Malice.
angi eharis wrote: "So happy u are home! Tried to send a message the other day but I keep having tech probs, wanted to tell u how much I missed u and your art and super fun craziness while u were gone "
AWWWWWWWW.  You guuuuys!!!!!!
The Old Ones and the New. Rustic assemblage earrings. Polymer art beads amethyst green purple.
The Old Ones and the New.
Chris wrote: "Giveaway still open? Maybe?"
Yeah, and I put your name in but you didn't win, sorry!
Sapientia. Handmade rustic assemblage art earrings.
Anvil Artifacts writed:"Those creative juices continue to flow like a raging river no matter which direction you take them."
Aw shush you!!! You're one to talk.The Opposite of Purity. Iridescent cosmic rustic assemblage earrings.
The Opposite of Purity.
Alessandra Fryzel wrote: "I'm supposed to visit a Bohemian district while there for a day, wish me luck finding something cool"
You know my cousin was just telling me that when she goes to the street market she never finds anything like all my little theengs. She said it was a skill and talent which means you need to work at it. And it's true, with each trip I get better and faster.
Apotheosis. Rustic assemblage earrings. Rough crystal quartz with crackled polymer art beads.
Loralee wrote: "Ohhhhhhhhhh your work makes my heart sing. I missed the Roman Glass earring pairs (damn you sleep)…perhaps you'll make more?"
AWWWW shuddup. Yeah tons more.
Angel of Agony. Long rustic assemblage earrings with cut coin.
Angel of Agony.
Wendy B. wrote: "So i have missed you soooo much, that i have read and re-read your vacay mode blog post a buncha times."
OHMYGODYOUGUYS! You don't know how happy this makes me. Like, in my travel journal I was babbling all about how I missed my commenters cheering me on in everything I do.
Citadel. Long rustic assemblage earrings with cut coin.
Citadel. Long rustic assemblage earrings with cut coin.
Alessandra wrote: "your blog always makes me giggle..."
Aw, yay!
"I have to go to Europe every friggin' week for my job..."
Sorry? You lucky bitch.
"I feel like a used mop when I get back."
Yeah. I remember when I was little traveling and not even feeling it. Have I mentioned I'm turning 40 in August? I have? Cuz it's a great excuse for all the grumpy laziness I already had.
"Uruguay is beautimous btw."
"Italy sucked this year and went home..."
Wait, what?
"I'm so upset with my team!"
Oh! Yr talking about soccer! Um, football. Er, futbol. 

Now here's some necklaces I haven't posted yet.

This one has this crazy cast brass thing from Tibet or somewhere. Patroness gift no idea what it means or is or what to charge.

This one is a buncha polys, so cute. Wanted to make something from my wheel beads that were just sitting in the shop.

Now I'll have another necklace that just sits in the shop, 's all good.

This one is full of special beads. I always like really fat beads on a short choker.

Couple of my burnt polys.

As well as that glorious little bug by stillpointworks which is actually a screw/barrel clasp!!!!!!! And the  clasp screws independently from the wire so you don't twist your whole necklace. !!!!

So the folks are in Wisconsin for a week and they took the two kitties wondering if there'd be fights and general upset. I've been receiving photo updates:
Chiquita with the grandkids.
 Blanquito making himself comfortable while Chiquita looks on suspiciously. But the best one of all:
There's another a zillion couches and different cat beds, but they're cuddling together!!! They've even ganged up to wake Mom and Dad and 3 and 5 am to demand feedings. They discovered that fighting loudly on top of the sleeping person's head works.


Julie Wong Sontag said...

I've been immersed in your blog for the past 3 days… yes, devouring from beginning to end. Creepy, non? That's just how I roll. I identify with so much of what you write - your willingness to share is such a gift to other artists. Even the bits about PMS and the like. I've been pinning your jewelry for ages on Pinterest - happy to have landed here finally to see what goes on in that head of yours.

Jennifer Valentine said...

You are altogether lovely.
I have missed you!

Anonymous said...

love the cats, they just do their own thing. You need to slow down or I'll have to take up snorting coke ( which we Brits now call doing a Nigella, ) because ~I can't keep up with your blogs let alone the new lovelies you keep making.

betweenreader said...

The earring blizzard has me breathless! All want want want-ish, gasping for breath. Glad you are home with your great trove of unique theengs. Come up for air some time, though! xoP

Alessandra Fryzel said...

I don't even know where to start, but I especially love the poly necklaces, and those amazing half split coin earrings...sorry I forgot the name ^_^;

The Boho District venture epically failed since Milan had a mystic world flood of epic proportions...ok maybe not that bad, but it was raining badly enough, so no street vendors, unless there were ghost ones that I missed... I'll try again next week! I shall not give in! And I shall learn to hunt properly ;-)

Keep making pretties, so my eyes can be tantalized and glued to the computer for ours and my brain can be on fire too! Love your stuff!

Beatnheart said...

the number one, first lady of etsy and of blogdom...
Marina, you have thought me from the beginning that sharing is cool...that it's ok to copy from you without you freaking out about it and in fact encouraging it...you don't have such insecurites about your work and you are there to help others grow and develop...what a wonderful way to live! your ideas are endless...you invented most of the designs and styles and ways of doing things and you continue to do so. your new foray into making beads continues to blow my mind in a million ways and your boundless enthusiam and deep pit of knowledge and experimentaion astonishes and amazes me...thank you from the bottom of my beatnheart for showing me the way...