So here's more of the lariats I was talking about.

Decided I hated the one from last post with the doll arm. Well, decided I hated the doll arm.
Sometimes you want something to work, you want to force it to work and it just wont. You know dat feel?

And I realized that I was putting off listing the stuff from last post and it was because I wasn't happy with that one piece. You gotta listen to your subconscious.

Here's one using a ring I've had for a wile and never could find a good use for.As you can see, lots of simple, thin salvaged chain, ...

Oh also, the universe has been conspiring to keep me away from my 'puter and my makings for the last 3 or so days. Aka, the weekend. Aka, weekend doings with the fam. Aka, leave me alone I need to list shit!

A resin piece, a stone and a medal is the basic idea, with variations.

Lots of variations.
The little shimmers I added to the resin mostly look like shmutz in the photo so I blurred some of those right out.

Meanwhile, you should all go check out this post on ShipwreckDandy's blerg, along with comments. Something about her soothes me: she just has zero issues about being completely different from anyone. Reading about how she does her thing made me realize I'd been fretting about unsold items again and how I need to just let that shit go.

Here's a little baby.

Anecdote interlude:
The other day I was walking my dog and my mom and a girl said, "Nice tattoo." So mom asked me what it said. Remember it? I got it on the 2nd anniversary of being fancifuldevices. You know how I use that CS Lewis quote here and on my shop announcement? If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world. And you may have noticed under my shop name on etsy it reads "otherworldy desires."

So I was explaining it to my mom, "It's because of my shop quote I always use..."
And she interrupts, "Oh ya ya, I know, I know. Is.... umm... " She gestures out towards the street, "'If you like dis seengs.... you are from oder planet."

So that pretty perfectly sums up my mom's feeling towards everything I do, snarf, cackle, snort.

Ok, blogger is really starting to get to me.

Whenever I show very bright white images, ie, the necklace on the mannequin images, blogger darkens them up to a dull grey.  Thanks Skye for the tip! I'm trying out a different background color like you suggested.
Looks crap and pisses me off!  It's only working on the images I drag directly from etsy but maybe my new background isn't dark enough?A Difficult Child. Resin pendant charm.
A Difficult Child.
Whatevs, got some shit listed finally.Praise the Women. Resin pendant charm shrine in red.
Praise the Women.
Lots of the resin pieces are going as charms or pendants.
Adam and Eve. Resin shrine charm asymmetrical earring pair.
Adam and Eve.
Or earring pairs.The Courtship. Resin charm asymmetrical earring pair.
The Courtship.
I still have tons I haven't finished or photoed. Me and my insane batches.Animal Companions. Resin charm asymmetrical earring pair.
Animal Companions.
Here's an animal pair, could also be bracelet links.
The Faitful. Resin shrine charm asymmetrical earring pair with glimmering gold inclusions.
The Faitful.
Some nuns for ya.The Ladies. Resin charm asymmetrical earring pair with Vermeers and inclusions.
The Ladies.
Some Vermeer.
The Mothers. Resin charm asymmetrical earring pair.
The Mothers.
These chicks.

And there's also some as-yet-unlisted transparents, which in the photos all you see are the grungy mistakes so that sucks. Oh well.

And I finally listed these:
The Lightless Sector. Iridescent cosmic rustic assemblage earrings.The Wraith. Victorian Tribal dollhouse assemblage.Rome. Ancient beads in caged earrings with apatite gemstone briolettes.
    The Lightless Sector.                The Sweet Babes.                   Rome.
Frail Deeds Dance. Rustic assemblage earrings with raw amethyst and polymer clay art beads. Purple violet.Red Moons. Rustic victorian tribal antique baroque pearl cage earrings.Romans. Ancient beads in caged earrings with apatite gemstone briolettes.
Frail Deeds Dance.                      Red Moons.                             Romans.

I'm also putting some pieces that have been around too long on deep discount. If they don't sell, they're out, so snap 'em up if you want 'em.
Sale. La Exploradora. Rustic sci fi assemblage statement necklace with sextant, cosmic gold leaf beach stones.Sale. All-Seeing Love. Sacred heart milagro necklace spiritual metaphysical occult esoteric. Rustic watermelon tourmaline ankh.Sale. The Mother. Rustic metaphysical assemblage necklace with gold leaf.
Sale. La Exploradora.                          Sale. All-Seeing Love.                    Sale. The Mother.
Sale. One Step. Rustic victorian tribal assemblage statement necklace with salvaged treasures in dark black red.Sale. Astral Light. Rustic Buddhist amulet with raku ceramics and gold leaf.Sale. What Is This Thing Called The World. Cosmic Iridescent Victorian Tribal Assemblage Necklace.
Sale. One Step.                                Sale. Astral Light.                  Sale. What Is This Thing Called The World.
And I finally blogged it all! Woo hoo!!!
OH! If you have a blog you'd like me to look at, perhaps for inclusion on my blogs list which I have neither checked nor really refreshed in a long time, please convo me or leave a link in the comments. I feel like I've abandoned lots of you guys, idk. 


artistic rejuvenations said...

i made a bottle cap tonight that i adore beyond words, but i made one the other day that could have potential, yet i hated it! even though it was purple! so, yeah, know what ya mean. if it doesn't sit right, it's gotta go onto a new realm. pitched or reworked. i etched this one and realized i didn't like the etching. poof! gone.

Skye said...

Love all your pretties, and yes... like that first one better without the arm. the arm was cute, but... eh. lol
LOVE the tattoo... I'm still being wussy over getting one. I keep telling myself I'll do it for my birthday this year... and I've been saying that fr like six or seven years now LOL
Oh, I can totally tell you how to fix that blogger issue .. change your bog background colour. It's only darkening your photos because your blog is white.. it's trying to keep them from blending into the background.. even if that's what you want ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I'd love you to look at my blog. My work is at the same time quite different to yours in style, but similar to yours in principle. Hence I love to read the blogs of other assemblage designers - we are a small community but hopefully I'll meet some other who work in the same style: http://vulticulus.wordpress.com

Beatnheart said...

your mommy is funny and adorable

like you...

love the resin stuff ...

Alessandra Fryzel said...

I love these lariat necklaces! I've been tempted to make some thinner necklaces too to have some variety as well....arrghhh! so much to do, so little time...

I do have a blog, thanks for letting me mention it, I didn't want you to feel like I'm spamming your comment box ;-)


Vintajia Adornments said...

Oh your creative frenzies leave me breathless. New theengs new ideas new techniques. I kinda think of you flitting around everywhere - lika a humming bird on crack

Nuit said...


Nuit said...