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Well, I got my new iPad y'all. I've been binge-watching Orange is the New Black- OMG the hype is legit, that show's amazeballs. And that's from someone who usually likes escapist shit like Dr. Who. So do yourself a favor and don't stream Netflix you'll never see your loved ones again.
The Angelic Ones. Resin charm and connector set.
All I have to share is some more resin things.

Imna sell these as a set because it's easier for me to do so.
Lady and Baby Toes. Resin charm and connector.
Even if the set makes absolutely zero sense as a set, like this one.

This one has a bunch of smuges and crap trapped into the resin layers.  It might be too grungy.

Maybe I'll just lower the price? Or sell these together?
Take Her Hand. Resin pendant and connector set.

I've gotten requests to make these into my next tute.

Idk, there's more steps than I'd like to be honest. But yeah I know I'm proly due for another tute.
Exultant. Resin shrine charm or pendants.
I really like these shrine-shaped ones.
The Perfect Child. Resin charm pair.
Ok so then I ran out of brass and made these just using aluminum foil for temporary bezels.
Mother and Son. Resin charm pair.
Which is a terrible idea, never again.

Though look at those puffballs! They look like beach stones!

But yeah these took like 12 different resin pours and tons of sanding and shaping.
And the aluminum foil (or as the British say, football) gets trapped in the sides. Plus, as I emphasized on the listing, they're a smeary grungy mess. But idk, I'm embracing it. It's part of the appeal I've decided.
Baby Blorp. Resin charm pendant, inverted teardrop.
Look at that Blorp.

Why a headless baby? The head ended up in some other charm, it got away from me.
Lady. Resin charm pendant.
Some Vermeer.
Jeebus and sheep.
Faith. Resin charm large teardrop pair.
But yeah I need to order more of that very thin brass sheet for embossing. Dry embossing, metal embossing, like I used to use for my milagros.

Here's more I haven't individually photoed yet.

These used to be a big magic lantern slide Sparrow sent me ages ago. I gold leafed the back, broke it into pieces with a glass cutter:
Studio Pro Pistol Grip Glass Cutter
And then as I resined the other stuff I'd pour very small amounts on the glass, small so as to not overflow. Still did on the top-left-most piece, it's a mess. But yeah then I very carefully and patiently drilled through the layers of resin and glass with my dremel.

Earring pairs?

Then I bailed these big teeth I got in the U using my cosmic rocks method. Turns out it was easy! Some had a bit of a hole, some I drilled a groove around so the wire had a place to sit snug and wouldn't easily break off.

I was showing my niece and neph some of my "new old things" when Carlos found the camera.

He told me to smile, so...

Marcela's golden locks.

Bingo decides what this party needs is his big grey ball.
He likes to oversee the operation.

This is how everything ends up with dog hair all over it.

Carlos turns the camera on himself.

Here's his feet while Marcela and I watch some Cartoon Network, our favorite.
So, I can't get the computer and iPad working at the same time because the computer won't recognize the AirPort device. I thought I'd just keep it plugged into the modem but the modem only has the one plug hole. Goddamn it. I even went today through the 90 degree heat to get the plug and only realized when I got home fuckedy fuck. AND I need something called a USB hub and I can't understand what my printer ever got plugged into this is impossible.

Don't you love reading about that shit? Anyone who likes the kind of eye-candy this blog provides, I'm sure your eyes just glazed over while reading that last paragraph. Pray for me.


Unknown said...

Love the charms, love the gold teeth Marina! Love the fam pictures...super fun!
LOL...I just finished watching American Horror Story S2 on Netflix, so good...and then it suggested Orange is the New Black based on that, now I got to check it out...the Flix is evil...it wants to watch TV all day...nope, not gonna happen though...too busy!

Tute? Resin Charms? I'm totally buying it when you make it!

Vintajia Adornments said...

Am loving the Nebulosity of these charms and dangle gold teeth - speechless.
Love the candid camera stuff and
the new season of Dr Who starts this weekend here. This nerdy, geeky sci-fi person can't wait.

Elsa said...

Could you make me a reserved listing with your resin charms that feature the hands? I have an IDE for a piece. Thanks.

Elsa said...

Oh, and he'll yeah to the tute!

Loralee said...

One of my most favorite things in the whole wide world is looking at studios. Thank you so much for sharing yours and a small glimpse in to you process! Each component and jewelry piece you create is so exciting and such an inspiration! I love your blog, thank you, again!

richelle said...

Smudges & crap trapped = charge more, not less! Love all the resin. How do you smooth out/file the cut glass? Could you cut up bottles and just any old glass with that thing? Will have to investigate.

Juliette said...

I'm with Richelle - I'd love to know more about how you are experimenting with the glass cutter. Really fascinating! Loving your resin work.

betweenreader said...

I love these resins, they look so ancient, and like cabochons, so jewel-like. And any grunge just adds to the story. I know what you mean about fuckety fuck. I ordered a screen door online, for my entry door which didn't have one and let in flies, and found when the installer got here that it should be 36 inches and I ordered 32 and waited three weeks for it to get delivered and another two for the installer to show up. I just went online and saw "door" and clicked. Fuckety fuck fuck,oh, and I will add you to my morning offerings but you won't notice anything, because I don't think you should be other than you are, which is wildly wonderful!

Unknown said...

U are so funny and insane! I work with resin and what u did with all of yours is so awesome and a lot of work! Where did u get all the killer pics and do u seal them? My resin never looks so cool like yours, oh well! I am on my iPad and watching old x files at the same time, my kids got me the iPad recently and yes I am so addicted, I better go check out your etsy, I really like your resin stuff, tx for sharing, aloha, angi in Hana